Meet Kit

This pure white kitten showed up in a tree by our deck yesterday. The dogs quickly let JEJ know there was a strange visitor on the property. Once he got the kitten down this cute little fur ball was loving and wanted to be petted and given attention.

We figured the kitten was about three or four months old, but couldn't really tell if it was a boy or girl. We named it Kit thinking that name could go either way. Kit sneezed and twitched his ears and had a big scratch on his nose. By his condition we thought he had been on his own for awhile. We decided unless somebody called and claimed this tame kitten we would take it to the vet to see how it was doing and keep it. Kit even liked the dogs! Last night after some food he was ready to play, send emails from my laptop keyboard and rip and tear through the house.
Today we found out Kit was a boy and had a fever and other kitten problems. The good news was he didn't have feline leukemia. After being prodded and washed and given a shot he came home worn out. He is now sleeping away in a cat carrier away from the other cats. I don't think Kit quite realizes that he found kitty paradise here. Okay... so we have six cats... what's another one? How do you turn away a kitten that looks like this?


  1. Oh, what a cutie. Ever since we have had all these black cats, I have always wanted a white cat. Maybe some day. Instead I can enjoy yours. I can't wait to meet him.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww....
    he's a Kasper not a Kit

  3. Gotta say, Love at first sight from here in Eugene... I swooned when I opened your blog and saw that first picture!

  4. When my oldest son and wife had their NI wedding reception a few years ago a small cat showed up, obviously starved. I checked and it didn't have an invitation but the gathering was inclusive not exclusive. So it was welcome. It was mostly white, with a couple of spots here and there. However it had a distinctive black patch, under it's nose, across the middle of it's upper lip. It stayed and I still have it. Well, at least I still feed and water it. I'm not sure who has who. It was given the name 'Kitler' because of its funny looking mustache.

  5. aw, cute! Hope he improves, and I look forward to more photos of Kit.

  6. Awww... what a cutie! He's very lucky to have found you.

  7. I did get Kit's e-mail from your laptop...he is a very happy kitty, loves you, loves the cats, loves the dogs, hates Kansas, etc. etc. you know cats can ramble!
    He's wonderful--lucky you. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You have a beautiful soul and how could anyone resist him. Lucky boy!!

  9. These are delightful photos! What a lovely addition to your household!

  10. SVG: I never thought about a white cat, but now I am in love!
    Pamela: He sure is white all over!
    RP : You would swoon if you saw him in person. Hard to believe anyone would let this kitten out of their sight.
    seenthatbefore: I can't believe you have a "Kitler". I would love to see those markings!
    OJanet: He is already better... with lots of kitten energy!
    l^2: It makes me wonder where he came from... he is already part of the family!
    Noni: I think you are about to get another one. He is so obsessed with the keyboard right now!!!
    Thanks Tammy and he was hard to say no to.
    crafty: You are right... watch for more pictures!

  11. How lucky he was to stumble onto your deck... he's darling :)


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