Kit: Day 3

Day three and Kit continues to get healthier and friskier. He is also working hard at winning the hearts of the dogs. The dogs aren't used to a cat quite so friendly. Now Kit doesn't understand the herding dogs usually love to do the herding, but Kit has convinced Shelby our red heeler that kissing is okay.

Kit has loved on Annie since the first night he arrived. Annie is so excited she can't even sleep. She just follows this kitten and the kitten returns affection along with some teasing and playful fun.After spending so much time around the dogs Kit tried to point. I don't know if he is flushing up a bird, trying for a treat, or just getting his balance. It will always be a mystery where this kitten came from . Already he is a blessing in our home and we are glad he is here.


  1. thats a red heeler? Our elderly neighbor has a dog that was brought to him - stray - from out in the bushes along the columbia river.

    It looks alot like that dog. It has a purple tongue and some purple skin.

  2. Our heeler doesn't have the purple, but the dog you are speaking of my be a mix.
    crafty: yes, he it!

  3. yes she is so beautiful..

  4. aw, cute! Bet he'll soon have the whole gang wrapped around his little paw!


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