Finnegan Returns Again!

Finnegan is our unpredictable cat. Sometimes he loves to be petted and other times he looks at us like he has never seen our faces in his life. He wasn't always this way. A couple of years ago Finnegan disappeared and we looked for him, then waited when one day he was home again. We always wondered if he had a second home he visited. He stayed around after returning, but has been more aloof than the other cats.

About three weeks ago Finnegan disappeared again. He had been acting a bit odd so I was concerned something was wrong. Again, we looked, we waited, but no Finnegan. Sometimes we wondered if he was sneaking in at night for food and then hid and hunted during the day. It continued to be an unsolved mystery.

Tonight we had a conversation about our black cat, wondering if something had happened. Maybe he went off to die, or perhaps he got lost and couldn't find his way home. After the conversation I went to the garage to get something and guess who strolled through the cat door!
Finnegan! First he dove into the dish of cat food on the ledge and ate like he had been lost without food for those three weeks.
Then he moved to the dry food and continued his feast.

I opened another can of food so he could have some food for dessert also. Physically he appeared healthy. He just seemed very hungry!
Finally he checked out the other dishes belonging to our cat clan. He found a few leftovers there also. After I got JEJ out to the garage to see Finnegan again and took some pictures of our wayward cat, then he disappeared out through the cat door. I hope this time he is back to stay.We missed him!


  1. Maybe they wrote the ditty about him. Finnegan, Begin Again. . .

    But they called it Finnegan, is Home Again. . .

  2. Ourlast cat was like that.. he hasn't come back tho...

  3. I would have been a mess with worry! I'm glad he's home. :)

  4. Welcome home Finnegan. YEAH!!

  5. He has stayed home also!

  6. Cats are just strange. Sometimes ours would disappear for two or three days - and I'd make myself sick - then come to acceptance - and then in she would stroll. It's the funniest thing, though. Since we took her for six months in the motor home last winter - she never leaves the place anymore. I can't figure that out.

  7. Years ago we had a cat named Toby that would go away occasionally like your Finnegan. Once he stayed away for 3 months! He was the smartest cat we've ever had and one of the very best. We were always broken hearted when he disappeared, and elated when he returned.
    We have another Toby now and we also have a Finnegan (gray and white).
    I'm glad your Fin is back :) Hope he stays.


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