Canyon Creek Campground: September Week-End

I wrote this poem a few years ago in hopes of capturing images of quiet camping week-ends in the fall. It is my favorite time of year to be out camping. It is cooler, quieter, and so beautiful.

Canyon Creek Campground
September Weekend

The sun bleached table sits
Under a towering tamarack
with the trickle of a creek footsteps away.

The familiar smell of smoke lingers from conversation last night,
fresh campfire coffee,
and bacon frying in the rusty cast iron skillet over the coals.

The blaze of orange sumac and the last, tart huckleberries
hang on nearby branches
reminding us to bid farewell.

The crisp air of sunrise greets me-
Your slow smile, a soft flannel shirt,
and the promise of a cool, peaceful season.

Good morning autumn.


  1. Beautiful fall foliage!

    BTW: Would you like to answer some questions? Tag... you're it! Come to my blog to find out more. :-)

  2. I love the picture of the burning bush!!

  3. There is nothing better than camping coffee and bacon. ;) Ok, maybe smores at night around a roaring fire. I Love Sept. camping!!!! So gorgeous there!

    We visit Dave's daughter and his grandson's in Bremerton.

  4. I love the poem and the photos. I so love this time of year.

  5. I love to go camping in the fall. We get so busy that it's hard to get away. Your burning bush is red, ALREADY?


  6. SVG and JBelle: The picture was supposed to be sumac. I can see it looks more like burning bush. No, my burning bush is not even close to burning.
    l^s:It was a interesting meme to do.
    Tammy: Yeah... it is all good. Coffee, bacon, and s'mores. I still have never visited Bremerton.
    Thanks Shelby.

  7. Okay, the picture is great, but your words are terrific! You have a real talent and you've written a wonderful poem - but the sentiment? Not so much! I'm a summer girl! For camping and everything. I'm freezing right now - and it isn't even winter. I'm going to have to get long johns to wear until we go South! :-)

  8. Jackie: I hope it was warm at Steamboat Rock. It looked beautiful.

  9. Your poem took me there. It was a great camping moment.


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