And Then There Was Rain.... Finally!

" I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests." -Pablo Neruda

You know it hasn't rained for awhile when 7th graders cheered as a downpour began outside our classroom today before class began. They were so ready for a weather change.
Then all eyes were focused out the window instead of on my teaching. Ummmm! What is more interesting out the window? Large crows were flapping their wings like little umbrellas on the bare branches of a tree. When we took a break most decided it was too cold and wet to even play under the roof.

My classroom sits near the end zone of the school's football field. In the mist the scoreboard stands surrounded by a forest of green and clouds of gray. The chill in the air and the change in the weather indicated that the summer season was coming to an end.


  1. I was ready for a weather change too. It was the wet, and the bone chilling wind, that I could have done without. Course, I suppose I could skipped the mountain hike through the brush. You and your 7th graders are a step ahead of this 'old man.'

  2. I was thrilled this week with just some drizzle - there's some reports of real rain coming - I have my fingers crossed. We really need an end to this drought. Glad you got some rain!

  3. How wonderful to rejoice in the down pour. My children and I too celebrate the rain. It has been a dry year here.The rain in the trees is so soothing. I am in a desert.

  4. Seen that before:
    Yes, but my guess that hike was related to bow hunting or enjoying nature. I am glad the cooler weather is here.
    Tinker: Yes, cooler weather and rain is a good thing.
    Donetta: I'll bet you were all ready for rain.


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