Sibling Writing Assignment #33: Still Life After a Dry Period

I gave the sibling assignment this week.
We were to use the topic Still Life
with words and pictures.
Raymond Pert's is here and Silver Valley Girl's is here.
With the weather conditions we have experienced
in August I am surprised I still have life in the gardens.
Lack of water, dry winds, warm nights,
and hundred degree afternoons
have challenged all our plants,
but these sunflowers came out victorious.When the rains, cooler breezes, and lower evening
temperatures came, these beautiful flowers lifted
their faces to heaven and smiled.


  1. darling sepia sunflowers!!!!!

  2. Nice! After reading Pert's comments about your place in his blog. . .I imagine the whole place is a garden of delights!

  3. Shelby,
    The sepia seemed to work for the still life. I will have to play around with it some more

    PIMD: RP got some nice pictures. He is really getting skilled at taking pictures. It was fun to see what catches his eye and his lense. We will miss him.

  4. Yep, I noticed my dandelions perked right up.

  5. I love the sepia toned photos. It has been an odd summer for weather. I am finding all sorts of ways to put off writing for the national boards. But tomorrow I must! Meet with a group on Monday and must have some writing done.

  6. Love the phots of the sunflowers.

  7. The spia tone is just perfect for the dry weather conditions. Lovely photos.

  8. Lovely photos of the cheery sunflowers. I'm glad you're getting some rain.
    I tried condensing all my comments into one...but it didn't work :)
    Love your writing..thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a beautiful series of photos.
    I hope you are enjoying the start of the new school year...have you officially started yet?

  10. seenthatbefore: Dandelions in sepia would be beautiful!
    jone: thanks so much... best wishes on the beginning of your national board journey.
    Yolanda: thanks... I had never tried sepia before. I was pleased.
    crafty: I agree... I was trying for that visual. I am glad you picked up on it.

  11. I guess there's hope that the drought will end and everything will be green and colorful again, but it's hard to imagine here right now.

    I've had lousy luck growing sunflowers-don't know why! Maybe the squirrels dig up the seeds I plant.


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