Some Favorite Trees and a Poem for Silver Valley Girl

On my sister's blog Silver Valley Stories here she has provided us with beauty most days since the start of the blog with a picture of her backyard tree through the seasons. She then uses a quote, song lyrics, poem, or scripture to match the tree picture. It is very inspirational each day. She has also asked other people to submit pictures of their trees to be posted on her blog. She has been on a trip with her family and got to witness her daughter asking a question to the astronauts in space (see below) yesterday so I decided to present to her today a collage of my favorite trees with a poem to match. This is for you Silver Valley Girl.

Advice from a Tree By Ilan Shamir
Dear Friend,
Stand Tall and Proud
Sink your roots deeply into the Earth
Reflect the light of a greater source
Think long term
Go out on a limb
Remember your place among all living beings
Embrace with joy the changing seasons
For each yields its own abundance
The Energy and Birth of Spring
The Growth and Contentment of Summer
The Wisdom to let go of leaves in the Fall
The Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter
Feel the wind and the sun
And delight in their presence
Look up at the moon that shines down upon you
And the mystery of the stars at night.
Seek nourishment from the good things in life
Simple pleasures Earth, fresh air, light
Be content with your natural beauty
Drink plenty of water
Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes
Be flexible
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!


  1. That was beautiful! Thank you.

  2. What a beautifully unique poem! Nice photos too. Zucchini looks so yummy above!

  3. Oh, I loved this! How beautiful!

  4. I love this poem, but it makes me sad for our ancient ash tree, lost to ash borer disease two years ago.

  5. and it all sounds so simple...

  6. What a lovely collage and a nice gesture! Trees are so special!

  7. the wisdom of trees, lovely post!

  8. Thank you everyone. I agree Becca. It is like losing part of the family when a tree goes.


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