Sibling Road Trip Part 3: The Last Leg of the Day

The last leg of our sibling road trip yesterday started at Murray, Idaho. This is a historic mining town where gold was discovered in 1882. The Spragpole Inn and Museum is a "must visit" place in the Inland Empire. Known for great hamburgers, we made a good decision to stop there for lunch and a rest after our hikes.To end the day my sister wanted to travel the road Noah Kellogg took when he left Murray and headed to Kellogg (via Osburn) where he found an outcropping of galena at Milo Creek. We had a map and thought we knew which road to take, but were unable to locate the right turn that day. Instead we ended up traveling from Murray to Wallace over Dobson Pass. We will try to locate Noah Kellogg's route another day. Wallace, deemed the " The Center of the Universe" by the mining association, is the county seat of Shoshone County. The Silver Valley and my hometown of Kellogg were at the heart of early mining in northern Idaho. When I revisit the history of this area I always learn new information. It was a good decision to pick this spot in the Inland Empire for our road trip. As I said in my last post, we ended the day with great food at Wah Hing's Chinese restaurant in Kellogg. You can see posts by my siblings here and here.

This completes my three posts of the sibling road trip. They are also my Sunday Scribblings for the word decision this week. You can enjoy other Sunday Scribblings here.


  1. Oh it sounds like a wonderful day....... I love history and especially local history...... and that means local to where ever Im staying........

    we have knights and castles and medievil BUT you have goldrush and cowboys and indians..... just love it all......


  2. Hey, what, No Pictures of the Centre of the Universe? What gives?

  3. MT:I am glad you are back with the living. You are right... our history is rich and interesting.
    seenthatbefore: sorry... it was so hard to choose the best picture of the Center of the Universe I just couldn't post one. I should have taken a picture of the billboard that advertises it.


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