Sibling Road Trip Part 2: Settler's Grove of Ancient Cedars

On the second leg of our road trip we left the main river and went to a favorite site. This Settler's Grove of Ancient Cedars is located close to Murray, Idaho and is an incredible place of serenity, beauty, and peace. We guessed some of these trees have been here a thousand years. The paths along this botanical area are lined with creeks, moss, cool green foliage, and fallen trees. This was a perfect location to get a reprieve from the hot weather. When you step into the grove the temperature drops and you can imagine how the area looked when the first inhabitants traveled through on foot. It is also an ideal location for trying new photo imaging, studying different plant and wildflower species, and just being still and giving thanks for our earth.

After a rest we loaded up for the third leg of our road trip. I will share that on a post tomorrow. The three posts are my Sunday Scribblings post for the week. You can find other Sunday Scribblings here.


  1. I would like to visit there -
    I'll have to mapquest it.
    It's probably MORE than a day trip for us.

  2. Beautiful country! Thanks for sharing pictures and prose --- enjoyable, as usual. Thank you!


  3. Pamela,
    If you want directions... let me know.
    LaTeaDah, It is a gem of a place hidden off the beaten path. My kind of place to visit!

  4. Gorgeous, the photos in both posts! Be careful, you might encourage people to move there! ;-)


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