Scenic Idaho Road Trip

I captured new images today on a road trip through a beautiful part of the inland empire in northern Idaho that began on Highway 3. My brother and I stopped at the trailhead on the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes by Cave Lake.When we were children we had stopped at the place where Idaho's largest Western White Pine stood. As we toured through the Scenic White Pine Highway today we stopped at that same site. The pine died in 1998, but the fallen tree was still there for us to photograph today. The hiking trails provided a nice combination of shadows and light with the western white pines in the background.Next we drove through the Palouse and took a break in Moscow to try Patty's Kitchen. I had heard the tamales were excellent and that they were.

Enjoying the cooler summer weather at the outdoor eating area was a treat. Another treat was hiking up to the famous I Tower on the University of Idaho campus. We hadn't been there together since our days of living in Moscow the summer of 1966 which you can read about here. We then made a full circle returning to Kellogg via Highway 95 through Plummer, Worley, and Coeur d'Alene.

It was a day of good coffee, companionship, food, scenery, and memories of childhood. The only part that was missing was our third sibling. Silver Valley Girl had a full day and couldn't join us.


  1. I think it's cool that you are your siblings are so close. I have the same kind of friendship with my sisters. What a blessing that we live close enough to enjoy time together (when we can fit it into our busy schedules).

  2. Sounds like a great road trip! I wonder who counted the rings on that 600 year old tree? And how long it took to count them-and double check?

  3. love road trips - great photos !

  4. I haven't been to Moscow since my daughter graduated from Wash ST @ Pullman.

    ... a long time.

    Now I'm off to map quest to find that area . I'm always looking for a short trip somewhere for fall.

  5. Rondi: Our road trips are going to come to a close as school approaches and schedules change!
    OJ: Good question! I am glad I didn't count them.
    Shelby: I am afraid my road trip wasn't quite the adventure you experienced recently.
    Pamela: You would love Moscow in the fall.

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  7. What a great time having a road trip together. I'd like to do that with my sister sometime. . .we just don't have that many places for reminiscing. (Unless we took the trip from N.Idaho to Utah - and I take most of that trip everytime I go to see her.)


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