Road Trip Over Tiger Highway Through Pend Oreille County

JEJ, Raymond Pert, and I took a road trip today through a part of Northeastern Washington that is a favorite for all of us. We headed east on Tiger Highway (Highway 20) from Colville toward Highway 31. Our first stop was at Crystal Falls. The clear, cascading water was situated between large rocks creating a perfect photo opportunity. Next we headed north on Highway 31 in Pend Oreille County and stopped above Box Canyon Dam. With the train trestle hugging the mountain it looked like it had always been there. The striking view looking north toward Canada and the Selkirk Mountains was enhanced by varied shades of green, gray, blue, and white. After stopping in Metaline Falls we looped around and headed toward Sullivan Lake. JEJ and I had been there a few years ago in the fall and thought the area around the lake was spectacular. Today was no different. The cloud cover and rain sprinkles gave Sullivan Lake a serene look. The road hugged the shore of the lake as we headed southwest. The campground was enclosed by a grove of trees creating a green reflection on the lake. A lone tent was pitched close to the water in the shadows.As we drove closer to Colville again the clouds began to depart, leaving the promise of a sunny late afternoon. Today was again a reminder of why we do much of our traveling in thiscorner of the Inland Empire. The beauty astounds me on every road trip.


  1. makes me feel very small... and so insignificant,

    The beauty.
    Hope it stays that way

  2. Like Pamela - this reminds me of who I am in relation to the awesome creation around us all. Thanks for this. It is beautiful.

  3. You blog with your siblings...cool! It is so gorgeous there. We visit family in Bremerton are you near there?

  4. I loved all of these pictures. LOVED THEM. Looked quiet, too. Not like I-90 between Kellogg and Coeur d'Alene!

  5. gorgeous! I'd hate to have to go home.

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  7. IEG, you don't have to convince me that you live in God's country! but your photography is breathtaking as always.
    Thanks for sharing. (Dave just came back from CdA and Mullan/Wallace/Burke with similar pics that made me so homesick.)

  8. Pamela and Shelby: I agree with both of you... it does make us thankful.
    Tammy, Bremerton is at the other end of the state. I am close to Canada with Idaho about 60 miles away.
    You are right JBelle....hardly any traffic... perfect.
    Janet, It is beautiful, but we did get a bit stiff from all the driving/riding.
    Noni: I am sure the pictures from Idaho were beautiful.

  9. I grew up going north to Metaline, and Sullivan Lake area. now i live in silver valley. they are both beautiful areas, and i am so blessed to know the places you talk about in your blog.

  10. Beauty indeed! The scenery is magnificent and you've taken some wonderful photos.
    It was fun seeing the dogs too. Sounds like they had lots of fun together...and you with your brother. Glad you had such a nice visit.


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