My Own Thursday Thirteen: Autumn is Just Around the Corner

Today I began to notice that autumn was in the air . My favorite season begins when school starts the day after Labor Day. That is fall on my calendar.

Thirteen Ways I Can Tell Autumn is Just Around the Corner

1. I used a throw to wrap in when I sat outside drinking my coffee this morning.

2. I got a welcome back letter from my principal in the mail yesterday.

3. The peaches sign is up at Sherman Creek Orchard.

4. Chrysanthemums are just beginning to bloom.

5. Today we harvested dill, put our thumb in the winter squash, and pulled carrots.

6. The cats are coming inside to sleep more.

7. I read a funny cartoon today and thought it
would be great to use the first day of school with my students.

8. The grape leaves are covering the flower bed and the clusters are getting bigger.

9. The coleus is showy with it's vivid purple and green leaves.
10. I wore socks today.

11. I found the school supply list I had made for my students at Wal Mart and checked out the choices of pens for myself.

12. The Autumn Joy sedum is about to turn its lovely color of apricot.

13. I set my alarm for this morning to get in the habit of once again being an early morning person.


  1. Oh, no! I am still enjoying summertime! I know it's fall when I have to wear a "beanie" (AKA-stocking cap) to bed, because the air coming in the bedroom window chills my head.

    Do you think the fact the Hunk closed the window down to a few inches in the middle of the night, that it is an indicator that the nights are cooling off??

    The other indicator for me is when I have the bedroom window closed and I am selecting flannel to keep warm under two quilts. . .maybe that is an indicator of a killing frost. . .

  2. I think the window thing is a good indication. I am sure we will have another heat wave before autumn really visits. Keep your beanie hidden away!

  3. My cat is doing just the opposite. Finally it is cooling down and she wants to roam the out of doors at night. She's driving me looney.
    She came declawed- so I can't let her do the night time prowl

  4. My cat came in too - but because she was hot and our house was cool... oh I wish I lived in your part of the country where it's cooler!! it's so hot here

    take care and happy Friday!!

  5. Pamela: After I wrote that yesterday all my cats were back outside again also!
    Shelby: What a difference it makes to have cool temperatures in the morning. Have a great week-end.

  6. 14. The Cougars had their first workout in full pads. Football season is around the corner.

  7. RP: 15. Mom is about to run out of canning jars again. Do you have any in the trunk of your car?

  8. I enjoyed your list and now I'm really getting excited. Fall is my favorite season. :)

    I've been reading your latest post and I stopped to drool over the zucchini bread...yummy!

    Thank for all your good vibes. ;)

  9. Oh, no! I'm not ready. Our summer season seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I keep saying that I do alot of work outside - for very little return, anymore. I'd like about 8 months of summer - and four months of the other 3 seasons combined!

  10. Tammy: I finished the last of one of those loaves out of the freezer today. They are yummy.
    Jackie: I'll be you get early frost where you are located. Because we are so close to Lake Roosevelt we don't get frost as early as Spokane or even Colville.

  11. I just noticed the other day that the air is beginning to have that "fall feeling" - which makes me sad, since it's so early in August still.

    I really enjoyed reading yuor list here.

  12. I look so forward to my soft throw on the hammock in the morning. My children return to school on Monday. I will miss them.

  13. Summer is still here down in Meridian. I guess it was a little cooler today by Treasure Valley standards, but still hot. But I am looking forward to my fave season as well.

  14. Autumn is a far memory for me basking in Southern heat right now. But September will bite when I return to Wales, mist and the scent of damp leaves. Time for warm winter cooking. It has its plus points I suppose, but give me warmth and plenty of it for me to last through winter on the memory of it!


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