My Own Friday Fourteen: Reasons I Am Glad Summer is Still Here

Even though I hinted that autumn is in the air in my blog yesterday, we do still have lots of summer ahead of us. It is just that those of us that are on the " school schedule" ( teachers, parents, and students ) see the seasons changing a bit quicker!

Fourteen Reasons I Am Glad Summer is Still Here:
1. I can enjoy late night reading of a novel I can't put down.
2.There is the smell of lilies, phlox, and scented geraniums in the air.

3. We can enjoy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and beans.

4. Apricots and peaches are ripe and ready to pick.

5. The Ferry County Fair is a few short weeks away in Republic.

6.Morning sunrise is still beautiful as the rays shine through the pine trees.

7. I have the time to pickle, can, preserve, and freeze our garden bounty.

8. Family members can come and visit before beginning the fall school schedule.

9. We can still enjoy fresh bouquets picked from the flower garden.

10. As one last baby swallow waits in the birdhouse we can watch the mother bring him food.
11. There will still be time to go camping.

12. The yellow jackets challenge our eye-hand coordination, patience, and humor each day (and maybe that is not a good thing!)

13. The lake is still warm enough for swimming.

14. The last reason I am glad summer is still here is because soft vanilla ice cream cones from Sandy's Drive In by Kettle Falls always taste better in the summer.


  1. When I went to my garden today, I noticed how a lot of my flowers and the raspberries have begun to wither, and I thought - "Oh, no, autumn is coming too fast." Then I noticed there are other flowers in full bloom and the blackberries are ripening - so maybe it's still summer. . .

  2. 15. The lawn needs mowing, you know.

  3. oh the ice cream looks awesome!

  4. Those are wonderful and beautiful reasons to hold tight to summer. ;)

    I will soon be learning to can our garden delights so save me your secret's. lol

  5. All great reasons! I need to concentrate more on these - than on the sights that indicate it's nearing its end!

  6. I always feel melancholy as August moves along and I see the signs of autumn, so I appreciate the reminder to savor it. Eat it before it melts.

  7. *sigh* Everything here is brown, and the leaves are falling due to the heat and drought. I haven't had soft-serve ice cream in ages.

  8. Are they your very own apricots? I LOVE apricots! And fresh peaches! Yum! I like to can them and make jam. I used to make all kinds of jellies and jams, but we don't eat them as much now that the kids are grown and gone.
    We're eating all the same things as you, except for tomatoes...still waiting on those. Shouldn't be long now..
    Those dalias are just gorgeous. I want to grow some! Love your bouquet. I picked glads for the church bouquet today. Ross grew some in the vege garden. Magnificent colors! Pink and white for today.
    Thanks for your visit and the sweet compliment. Glad you enjoyed the lilies. I enjoy the gardens so much more now that I can share them with blog friends. We can ooh and aah together :)
    That soft ice cream looks so good. I love the black rasberry!

  9. thanks to all of you for the excellent comments. After spending yesterday weeding I can say that summer is still here! At least the weed production slows down in the fall!


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