Kiki Aru Asks A Question to The Teacher In Space

My niece Kiki Aru is waiting in Boise today for a unforgettable day tomorrow. She was one of eighteen students chosen in Idaho to ask Barbara Morgan, the teacher on the Endeavour space shuttle, a question while Morgan is in space. Kiki was nominated for her academic performance and interest in science.

She said herself in an interview in the Spokesman Review from Spokane that her third grade teacher nominated her because " She knew I wouldn't have trouble talking in front of the crowd!" When Kiki, who is going to be a sixth grader this year, left for Boise she still hadn't decided on the question she would ask. I'm sure by now it will be tough to narrow her questions down to one.

Tomorrow the twenty minute questioning session will take place at the Discovery Center in Boise. It is a proud time for me to have a teacher representing our profession in space. It is icing on the cake to have my niece talking to her in space! This auntie's proud buttons are popping tonight! You can read another post about Kiki Aru's trip to Boise on my sister's blog here.

Kiki Aru will be joined by NASA representatives and members of Idaho's congressional delegation at the Discovery Center tomorrow.
Way to go girl . Your Aunt C and Uncle E are very proud of you!


  1. here's the link for NASA tv...the broadcast from the Discovery Center begins shortly after 2:00.

    I'd recommend going to this page early and seeing how it works.

    I'm going to watch it by clicking on Windows Media under Public Channel.

    Mom is coming over to Carol's house to watch, too.

    Write back if you have any questions or problems with the link.

    I'll just say that if the link doesn't work, go to nasa.gov and click on the tab "multimedia" at the top of the page and that will get you going.

    Still, any problems: just write and I'll try to help.

  2. I forgot the link:


  3. kudus!!!

    (hope they get the hole in the belly fixed)

  4. yay for her!!!! very exciting indeed :)

  5. What an unforgettable experience for all of you! I can't wait to hear what she asks!

  6. How exciting - for your niece and for you! Icing, indeed.

  7. How exciting - for your niece and for you! Icing, indeed.

  8. Totally awesome! I'm proud of her!

  9. How exciting! What a special privilege for her!

  10. That is AWESOME! Congratulations to your niece. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. That's really cool! I'd be proud too! Post how she makes out!!

  12. Thanks to all of you:I will ask her more about it later this week when she returns home. It was awesome to watch her on the internet. Her question was "How long have you wanted to be an astronaut?" She was very poised and did very well. Later she was interviewed on a television station and I think I saw my other two nieces standing behind the newscaster online. Fun day!


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