Happy Birthday to The Princess!

Today my niece The Princess celebrates her 17th birthday. Here she is on the 4th of July with her dog Sadie. I composed a poem in her honor today:
Funny, talented, intuitive, energetic
Daughter of Silver Valley Girl and PKR
Lover of her computer, Sadie, Hollywood, coffee
Who belongs on the stage singing and acting
Who needs her cell phone, friends, and Family Guy
Who gives love, encouragement, and smiles
Who fears clowns, strangers, and Lester
Who would like to see a play on Broadway
Who always makes me laugh out loud
Resident of her castle

Here is a picture timeline of the Princess. I was there when she was born and here she is enjoying some sunshine in her crib when she arrived home. We all took a trip to Eugene for a family picture. She is practicing her pose. Next The Princess getting her first bike from Papa Pert ( my dad). She was so pretty at our wedding celebration as our flower girl. She took the opportunity to set up a photo shoot while camping at Canyon Creek. I think the photo shoot was more exciting than the camping experience. Recently she starred in "Nightmare at Dream Gulch, or...Wake Me When It's Over." at the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace, Idaho as a sweet Irish girl. Later in the show she sang some Gershwin. The photo collection ends with the Princess ( including crown) as we celebrated her birthday Saturday and last, but not least, another pose with Sadie. As the poem illustrates my niece is talented, funny, smart, and caring. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

Have a happy birthday Princess and may your year be your best one yet!


  1. Happy birthday to the beautiful princess --- and what a beauty she is!

  2. Nice poem and pictorial. Great tribute to a beautiful young lady.

  3. What a nice tribute to The Princess. Nice job. I showed it to her before she headed off to her birthday party with her friends at Triple Play. She really like it, and loved the pics with her and Sadie.

  4. thanks to all of you. Yes, she is a beauty!

  5. What a lovely niece you have - and what a sweet tribute to her. What a loving auntie you must be.

    My husband's birthday was the 8th, too. Hope your niece had a happy birthday as well.

  6. Sweet 17! Happy birthday to your lovely niece. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. Yes, I'll bet you're a wonderful auntie :)


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