Garden Grab Bag for August

As we move into the last days of August our garden grab bag contains: incredible inpatients
a captivating cosmo

tasty tomatoes
a serene sunflower
beautiful begonias

hardy hydrangeas


  1. absolutely beautiful, especially the hydrangeas I think. I really love hydrangeas. :)

  2. I love all the beautiful pictures of your flowers and gardens on your blog.
    You're lucky you've got hydrangea growing so well--Ive had terrible luck with them here in Idaho.

  3. Beautiful garden! Everything here is not looking all that great in the heat. These were refreshing to look at - thanks!

  4. I like your Marie Curie quote opposite the hydrangeas. And the sunflower above is my favorite. But it's all lovely.

    I saw a tree with red leaves on it this morning...fall's a comin'!

  5. Shelby,
    I do love hydrangeas also, but Annabelle's do better here.
    Welcome Rena. My Mom has had better luck in northern Idaho with the new Endless Summer type,but they are spendy.
    Tinker, We have created some shady spots which has helped some of the plants.
    Rondi, The sunflower appears again in sepia above. I do love that picture.

  6. Amazing alliteration and very pretty flowers :) Your sunflower pic is gorgeous. Our veggie garden is full of them! It's surprising how anything can survive in such hot, dry conditions. We had some of that earlier in the summer, but the last few weeks have brought a nice amount of rain, thank the Lord.
    We've planted 2 types of hydrangeas for the first time ever this year. Doing well so far. I love them!!

  7. Loved seeing your August garden. What beautiful tomatoes. Thanks for sharing.


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