Final Road Trip: Republic, Curlew Lake, Second Hand Stores, and Doritos

Today we enjoyed one last road trip before my brother leaves and I begin my schedule of school preparation next week. We did a beautiful loop that included Highway 20 to Republic, north to Curlew Lake State Park and the town of Curlew, over Boulder Pass, then back to Barstow and down the Kettle River and home. It was an afternoon filled with great conversation, Doritos Collisions, second hand stores, ice cream bars, logging trucks, and photo shoots. We passed on bringing home the Moonshine kit.The lovely '70's avocado lamp was a diamond in the rough, but again I said no.
I loved these Office Hours, but didn't think it would work at school after Labor Day.

We couldn't figure out what this was or where we would put it, so it stayed on the hillside it was propped on when we left the second hand store.

Fondue seems more like a winter food so I resisted buying this also. The tours of two second hand stores reminded us that "one person's junk must be another person's treasure." For us the treasures were the mountains, lake, sunshine, and companionship. We will miss Raymond Pert and Snug when they leave tomorrow.


  1. Oh wow - I just visited his blog for the first time a couple of weeks ago for Sunday Scribblings - when he undertook the monumental task of visiting all the other Sunday Scribblings participants. I didn't realize till now that you two were related! I remember his adorable photo clips of Snug - and I can certainly see why Snug will be missed! Glad you all had a good visit together.

  2. awesome trip recount and photos - I know you all had a beautiful time together.. take care :)

  3. Loved the pics of the things you passed up. I really enjoy yard sales and second hand stores, but I don't go there much, because I have brought home a lot of cool stuff before that I have never used.

    I usually pass it on at White Elephant Christmas gift exchanges, or box it up for Salvation Army!

  4. Tinker, RP loved doing that Sunday Scribbling responding. He got to know many of you that I enjoy blogging with.
    Shelby... the road trips are ending... soon back to school for all!
    PIMD: I have the same problem, especially if my mom and I go together!!!

  5. We had that exact same fondu pot back in the 70's! We had a scary mishap one night when the handle turned while lifting the pot. The oil spilled onto the flame and started a fire. Luckily no one was splattered by the oil and we were able to put the flame out before it caused any damage. We had company at the time. We never used that pot again!

  6. You know what Kerri- I think my mom still has the one we had growing up. The color is so memorable! I'm glad your house didn't burn down.


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