Clouds, Dad's, and Sunset

We did a final shopping trip today to Spokane before school starts. We watched the clouds as we headed south toward Spokane via Kettle Falls and Colville.

This is a picture I took from the car of the cloud formations near Chewelah.We always stop at our favorite coffee stand at the south end of Chewelah. It is called Dad's Espresso.

They have beautiful perennials surrounding the property, especially around the sign by the highway. They are friendly, they make great coffee drinks, and the owner loves to talk horses with JEJ.
One of my favorite highlights of a trip down Highway 395 is to see what they have put on the reader board at this coffee stand. Today's message was perfect for this weekend.
Annie was caught between the bars of the dog gate in the back end of the car. She looked like she was posing for America's Most Wanted Dog. She was disappointed this espresso stand didn't hand out dog bones.
We watched the temperature rise, the clouds move in, lightning strike, and rain fall as we drove to Office Depot, Costco, Zip's, Northtown Mall, Target, and Walmart. When we returned home after a long shopping day, the sky had cleared as we relaxed on the deck. The day's activities started early, but we got a lot accomplished. This was the view JEJ caught as the sun began to set. We love days that include good coffee, laughs in the car, changing weather patterns, lunch, photo opportunities, and cool enough weather that the dogs can enjoy it. Today was one of those days.


  1. Sounds like a nice day. We also experienced the thunder and lightening here in Kellogg. In fact, the Kellogg/Wallace football game was cancelled because of the weather. We stayed about 45 minutes with no starting the game, and then it was cancelled. I'm not sure that has ever happened before.

  2. Lovely day! I do love coffee so much and I like the sign :)

  3. That picture of Annie is priceless. We are still sweating out triple degree heat can you blow those skies south? ;)

  4. What beautiful scenary! My camera doesn't take pics that I'm jealous!

  5. SVG: What... cancelling the game of the century? It really must have been bad weather.
    Shelby: She is known for the wisdom and humor she displays on her sign.
    Tammy: This weather has been awful this summer. I hope you get a reprieve soon.
    Jennifer: Welcome back. I don't have a very fancy camera at all. I just point, shoot, and say a little prayer. lol

  6. You should have called and I'd have met you for coffee! I shop those stores, too, they are within an hour of where I live. Glad you had a good day. We missed most of the storm here on the hill.

  7. Jackie: When you are back next spring from your winter travels we will have to do that. My fall gets pretty hectic, but spring would be great!


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