One week from tonight I will be eagerly anticipating my first day of school. I will set the alarm for earlier than usual, make sure my " first day of school clothes" are ready, and find my coffee mug and lunch bag. Right now this hall looks quiet, but next Tuesday it will once again be filled with excited voices of middle school students. As I begin my thirty-first year of teaching I still get butterflies thinking about the first day of school. This year I will loop the 7th and 8th grade languge arts students I had last year, so we will pick up where we left on in the spring- which is nice. We have built a community of learners. They have writing waiting on computers to be finished. Books they didn't have time to read are on the shelves. We will all have stories to tell about what has happened since we said good-bye in June.
The classroom sits empty and bare, but soon the walls will be filled with learning materials, the tables will be heaped with notebooks, and the floor will be covered with backpacks. Students will find their assigned seats, sharpen their new pencils, and life in the classroom will begin again. I can't wait to see my students again.


  1. awesome attitude from you the teacher...

  2. You're a real hero! Have a rewarding year. HUGS

  3. This is the kind of passion that resides in all the fabulous teacher friends I have.
    You Rock!

  4. I'm so glad the butterflies are gone for me now since the first two days are done and gone. All the best to you! Have a fund and rewarding year!



  6. I always looked forward to the first day of school - whether student or teacher (Private schools) - well, until I went back to college in my 40s, but that's a whole other chapter.

    I still love paper, notebooks, pens, colored pencils, etc. When I have spare money, I add to my collection of colored pens and pencils. . .School was always a magical place of learning. I loved it! (Still do!)

    Wishing you a classroom full of magical learning for your students.

  7. I love middle schoolers! It's my favorite age. (Okay, they're all my favorite age, except for that "fouling the nest stage" they seem go through between late HS and adulthood!)Unfortunately it seems many middle school teachers don't care for middleschoolers at all. Your students are so lucky to have you for a teacher.

  8. I think you must have the kind of students that teachers dream about. Have a great school year!

  9. How exciting. Boo is so ready for the first day. He has his backpack full of supplies and can't wait for that first recess. Kids these days still get recess, don't they?

  10. Best wishes for your new school year. I am no longer teaching, but this time of year always brings that beginning school feeling.

  11. Shelby: I do have a good attitude about teaching and love to do it!
    Thanks Tammy...I love being called a hero.
    Tori: That passion is there!
    Rondi: Thanks and best wishes to you also.
    JBelle: Your comment made my day. Thanks dear friend.
    Pinehurst: Yes, I am getting my fix on school supplies again. I just love having baskets of markers, crayons, post-its,and pens. That is magical!
    Molly: I am with you... middle schools are my favorite age group to teach.
    o. Janet: There are times my students would question that, but most of the time it is a-okay.
    MD: Our students get recess and I hope your son does. I can't wait to read about his school experiences.
    Thanks Rena. I look forward to Tuesday.

  12. How wonderful that you have a passion for what you do. If only all teachers felt as you do. Those are some lucky kids, who'll have you as their teacher.


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