Sunday Scribblings: Wicked

The word for Sunday Scribblings this week is wicked. My favorite use of this word is the slang term in the British Isles for "excellent" or "great." My dogs are wicked watchers.

I can’t say Shelby and Annie are guard dogs, but they do love to watch. Sometimes we can’t even tell what they are watching. A perfect example of the wicked watchers happened yesterday. They sat at the gate and after about a minute of intense watching, we figured out two of our cats were below in the bushes. They wanted the cats to come and play. Last night Shelby was watching a tree. She stared so intently at the tree we figured a stray cat was up there. No, she was just watching a pretty little bird. That is all she did was watch and observe. It was wicked. Their favorite watching place is on our bed. The window above our bed has the best view of the gate. If JEJ is gone they will watch out the window for hours. They take the job seriously. They will rest their chins on the window sill and just stare. If he is arriving in a vehicle they usually hear that long before they observe him coming down the driveway. This is when I hear the wicked bark. It is an excellent bark that announced that someone is home. I have been told they do the same routine when I am gone.

When we travel they once again are wicked watchers. Shelby, being the herding dog she is, always notices animals. Of course it helps that JEJ says, “Shelby, look see. Cows, horses, sheep (fill in animal)”. Annie watches for the destination. She understands when we are close to a place that they will get out for a run. She is definitely a wicked watcher when we arrive at my mom’s house. How do they always know where we are? We may give it away when JEJ says, “ Look! Are we at Mary’s house?” I know voice inflection helps with the wicked watching.

There greatest feat as wicked watchers was keeping four eyes on their dog food. The food used to be in the patio. For awhile every morning they would run out and sniff around and we would discover food was missing. We figured it was a raccoon. One evening the dogs got excited and wanted out. We figured this was our time to check on the raccoon. We should have figured a bit more before we let them out. The food stealer this time was a skunk. The wicked watchdogs were stopped in their tracks. The wicked skunk did what skunks love to do. He left a wicked stench that stayed on the dogs' fur when came into the house.

I believe at that moment is when I, Inland Empire Girl used my wicked tongue. Then I mixed up a wicked brew of skunk odor remover.

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  1. That was wicked awesome! We often enjoy a laugh at something that is wicked funny here in New England =)

  2. I read that also about New England! Only later did I think the skunk was wicked funny. (:

  3. I chuckled all the way through this, recognizing so many of the same characteristics in my two "wicked watchers"!

    Great idea for this prompt :)

  4. enjoyed reading this! take care and happy early weekend :)

  5. Clever post. But I must admit this use of the word "wicked" disturbs me. It seems to downgrade the reality of true wickedness in the world.

  6. Hee hee- I loved the pictures of your dogs! A wonderful little story!

  7. Wonderfully wicked watchdogs - and post!

    I'm afraid I would have said a few choice wicked words at the skunking, too. Does your skunk odor remover brew include tomato juice by any chance? Though we've been lucky for awhile, I like to collect potions such as that, in case of a wicked emergency!

  8. You're lucky to have such wicked watchdogs!

  9. One thing I'm glad for is there aren't any skunks around here. There might be some in some areas of this city, but not here in urbia. So far. Knock on wood.

    That's a great-looking cauldron o' brew you have there!

  10. This post is 'well wicked' :)..... I LOVE the first photo of your dogs looking through the gate....

    My Jacob sooooooo wants a dog.... :( I am a mean mum.....


  11. You love your dogs... that's wicked! ;)

  12. I love the phrase 'wicked watchers'. Your photos are great!

  13. I've fallen for your "wicked watchers." Delightful use of the word. :)

  14. your dogs are "wicked"-ly cute!

  15. Becca: They love to watch don't they?
    Thanks Shelby.
    Paul: Thanks for visiting and for your insights on wicked.
    Thanks for stopping by Regina!
    Tinker: I'll put the recipe on the comment page on your blog! No longer tomato juice in my recipe after the dogs came in a shook all over the white walls! More wicked words... :)
    Paris: I am fortunate!
    Janet: I can't believe you don't have skunks. What's up with that! In case they show up let me know if you need the recipe for odor removal for Spot!
    Marmite: the picture is actually what inspired the post. I happened to be sitting close by with the camera. Having a dog and Janet may be a challenge!
    Rob,Crafty,and Tammy: Wow! Wicked comments!
    Donetta: Thanks for stopping by. You are right... I have to admit they are very cute.

  16. Well that makes sense that the use of the word originated on the British Isles and that it is still used that way in New England. The Brits don't pronounce their R's either.

    The word makes me feel my split between two places. Here in Virginia no one would ever use it for "excellent." It makes me homesick for Boston where I'm originally from.

  17. they definitely look like wicked watchers in those pictures. :)

  18. What a wickedly enjoyable post. I love all the photos, too. We've got a wicked raccoon who eats the cat's food. And a pair of decidely stinky wicked skunks who roam around making it near impossible to sleep with the windows open. (And forget about letting the dog out!)


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