Reminders of Grandma West and August

The two flowers that always remind me of my Grandma West's garden are dahlias and glads. I know August is just around the corner when I have these two flowers blooming in my garden. I always plant dahlias and glads because of those memories of Grandma's breathtaking flower garden in Orofino, Idaho. Last year the grasshoppers destroyed most of the dahlias, but we planted them in a new spot so I think they may be safer. Hopefully with the next round of blooms I will get a bouquet with both flowers. Other signs that August is just around the corner are the cucumbers just about the right size to begin making pickles, the freezer filling up with ziplock bags of raspberries, zucchini ready to harvest, and green beans twining up the poles.


  1. Oh I love these flowers too.. beautiful :)

    simply beautiful.

    wishing you a terrific thursday today !!

  2. my dahlia's have been disappointing last year and this. We've just gotten them in too late because of yard problems.

    maybe next year.

  3. Beautiful. I've got to give Dahlias another try and get some glads in my garden, too. Love the color.

  4. thanks Shelby: They are beautiful, but the heat and grasshoppers are getting them.
    Pamela : They are always worth it aren't they?
    MD: Both are great choices. Some years mine do great- others not so great so I stick them off in a corner somewhere.

  5. I'm definitely going to put in Dahlias next year. I've just been too lazy - didn't want to dig up bulbs and store them - but seeing this picture makes me want some! And how much time can it really take? Beautiful pictures here.

  6. Here is my tip. I keep the same box with the peat moss sitting in the garage that I took the dahlias out of so when I dig them up it saves at least two steps. Then it is not so bad. Plus, I don't have hundreds of them to dig up. Now those people have a chore!


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