Rain , Relief , and Summer Bouquet #14

Very early this morning I awoke to the smell and sound of rain. It was not just a drizzle. Relief. Later when the light was peeking through the clouds I could see white fog lifting from the lake. Relief again! It was so pleasant to sit outside this morning in the cool rain. I walked around the house to see if the rain had actually helped. There had been enough that plants were drooping over from the moisture. Not too many roses are still blooming , but I found a blossom that had gotten a nice morning shower. The trumpet vines were turned toward the light in such a way that they acted as rain catchers. Birds were using these flowers as little drinking fountains.
Later in the day it cleared, but still stayed cool. I was able to pick flowers that would last longer that a day in a vase because there had been some moisture. Although the hot weather causes hardship, it also helps flowers like the sun-loving zinnias burst into bloom. I was able to gather enough today for a bouquet.


  1. zinnias are gorgeous. I didn't plant any this year, and most of my dahlias died because we didn't get them out of the ground in time.

    love your photo in the side bar, too

  2. I have the same table. I usually put a vase to cover the umbrella hole and sometimes fill it with flowers. I think I'm going to post some zinnias today that I photographed yesterday...after I wake up a bit.

  3. Pamela: I just hope we have a few more colors before long. Right now most of them are pink!!
    Colleen: I will stop over and see your bouquet. Yes, this old glass top table has been with me through two moves and lots of meals!!

  4. Your flowers make me turn green from envy! Great photos, too!

  5. Thanks Janet. Zinnias are very easy to grow... I always have good luck with them once it gets hot.


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