No Phone, No Internet, No Cell Phone, No Blog: This Was for Thursday!

When I arrived back to Lake Roosevelt Thursday I planned to post this blog about the 4th of July. Alas, the phone went out, the Internet went down, we couldn't get service with the cell phone, so I read a book and tried to stay cool! Yesterday the phone came on, but in talking to a "tech" and my neighbors it seems the repairmen fixed the cut phone line, but didn't get the DSL line repaired. The word was they might get to it on Monday. Ah....the joys of living in rural Ferry County. On day three of no blogging I loaded up breakfast and a thermos and came to school to get caught up. Here is Thursday's blog!

Twirling our frantic looks and circles,
we cried out look! To the grownups
watching from their lawn chairs,
afraid they’d somehow miss the
giddy slash of every turn and leap
until the last glow died and we went back,
warned each time about burnt hands
and bare feet flying in slippery grass.
Again! we shouted, and ran as far
beyond the porch light as we dared,
for this was Independence Day
and we were too busy to listen,
writing our names in thin air.

-Mark Vinz
We spent the 4th of July evening celebrating Silver Valley Girl and JEJs' birthdays with a dinner and cake and candles. We then moved to Mom's front lawn which had a great view of the community fireworks. We also had our own display in the street. This poem was fitting for the evening shared with family.

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  1. Glad you were finally able to blog about your holiday! Time with family is sooo important and fun! Making memories is what my husband says it's all about!

    I was really feeling cut off, when you spoke of no phones or internet. Seems we are so used to being able to communicate, that when we are in a "communication blackout" we feel lost. . .I know I do.


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