The Many Talents of Z2!

Today is my niece Z2's thirteenth birthday. The day she was born was as hot as today . I was staying in Kellogg and Dad and I suffered through the heat while Mom went to help out in Meridian, Idaho where my sister's family lived. My niece has many talents. Above she is spending some quality time with Grandma before a family picture. She has always had a way with fashion and been the one that loved frilly clothes and up-dos... right? She has always been an enthusiastic child, especially when she learned to say "cheese" before a picture was taken. Here my nieces were preparing to celebrate at my wedding reception. Z2 loves the finer things in life. She is a talented musician, vocalist, actress,and dancer. Here, at an early age she took dance lessons from her Uncle Raymond Pert at my house. The outdoors is a place Z2 loves to embrace. A few years ago we went camping and she hiked, swam. and did glamour shots on a log at Sherman Creek. You can't keep her out of that camera lens. Z2 is also very helpful. When her father needed the back-end of a cow in the current melodrama he is acting in and directing- she came to his aid. While he is milking the cow, she had a carefully choreographed part with her leg . Have you ever seen a lovelier cow leg and black hoof?
She is also a good teacher. Here when she was visiting Memorial Day week-end she patiently taught her sister the proper way to make and enjoy a s'more. Finally her sister decided to try a s'more for the first time. We have all been blessed with Z2's talents, sense of humor, love of nature, and enthusiasm for life for thirteen years. It is fun to have another teenager in the family. Have a great year Z2! Happy Birthday!
You can see Silver Valley Girl's post ( her mom!) about her birthday here.


  1. Ah, sweet she is. Happy Birthday to your beautiful neice.

  2. love, love, LOVE the new look! FANtastic! And Happy Birthday to the Special Girl. She's gorgeous.

  3. Princess15.7.07

    I do not think Z2 has ever patiently taught Coco to do anything.
    Also i think in the picture at the wedding reception I am obviously the most well behaved and attractive.
    -The Princess

  4. Thank you for the time and comments inlandempiregirl.

  5. thanks Jackie... and she is beautiful.
    JBelle: thanks for the feedback on the blog makeover. It was fun! Z2 will love reading these wonderful comments. She is gorgeous.
    Princess: Yes, you are very well behaved in the wedding picture... and attractive. Z2 was under the spell of Hershey's chocolate and smoke from the fire and she was patient with her sister. Just wait beautiful niece... your time is quickly approaching. (:.
    You are welcome Starr.

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful niece. She's a cutie!


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