Lifelong Learning With Stephanie Harvey

If you are a teacher of reading you may have heard of Stephanie Harvey. Her first edition of "Strategies That Work" written with Ann Goudvis was a book teachers read and reread to try to unlock the mysteries of teaching reading comprehension to students. Now she has published a second edition that gives teachers more tools for teaching comprehension for understanding and engagement. I am sitting in a hotel room in Seattle and get to spend the next two days with Stephanie Harvey. As a teacher I have always been a lifelong learner and this workshop will be like a mini college course in teaching reading comprehension. I have my pen and notebook ready for "class". All of us have helped a reader. It may have been a student, a child, a friend, or a grandchild. When students can't understand what they are reading, we often don't know what to do next . I look forward to new learning the next two days that I can take back to enhance my own reading comprehension in the fall. Besides I get to spend quality time with four other teachers from my staff. That always makes a workshop even better!


  1. Sounds like a great time. My best memories are of a caring reading teacher.

  2. oh yes, I have great memories of teachers who inspired me to read.. my life thus began :)

  3. Donetta: It is always great to have memories of a caring teacher and Shelby, I am glad on ispired yo to read. I realize I have an important job each day.


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