Images of Apricots

A friend and fellow teacher that lives down the road called and said she had all the apricots we could pick. We grabbed boxes, bags, sunscreen, and hats and headed to her house this morning. We picked for ourselves and family members. I think the images can tell the story.


  1. yummy!!!!! looks awesome:)

  2. Wow-wa! Those are gorgeous apricots. Hope you had fun picking them. And I wish I lived close enough to have a piece of pie.

  3. What a wouldn't give to have a piece of that pie. And this is why I adore this time of year!

  4. All three of you: I am hungry all over again just reading your comments!

  5. apricot pie????? Never had one - ever

  6. Me neither! But I'd love to try it!

    I need to buy some apricots and make a batch of my Mom's Pineapple-Apricot Jam. She and Dorothy Boje used to make it years ago, and I have never tasted any that was better. . . The recipe was probably one of Dorothy's original recipes. She was one amazing cook.

    Now, I am craving it!

  7. no photo of an empty pie plate??

    Your blog always makes me hungry! :-)

  8. Oh, you are SO lucky! And that pie looks SO good.

  9. Pamela: I had never made one either. Works just like a peach pie, but I put a crumb topping on it.
    PIMD: I love jam, but it was too hot to make it!
    Janet: This pie disappeared quickly!
    Jackie: As I said above, it was good!


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