"Happy Birthday To Both of You!"

Today my husband JEJ and my sister Silver Valley Girl share a birthday. We are heading to my hometown of Kellogg, Idaho for a special celebration. We will enjoy a birthday gathering and the Fourth of July together. Tonight we will see my sister and her family perform at the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace in a play she wrote and her husband is directing. The play is "Nightmare at Dream Gulch, or...Wake Me When It's Over." Silver Valley Girl , her husband, and my niece The Princess have acting parts. My other nieces are helping back stage. It is quite a family affair. You can read about it here.

JEJ loves climbing roses so finding this Fourth of July climber a few years ago was a perfect birthday gift. The burst of color with the yellow middle creates a fireworks image. Today we hope to find Silver Valley Girl one at a nursery on our way to Idaho. I would highly recommend this rose. It is hardy, has a long blooming period, and is beautiful!


  1. Did you find the Fourth of July climbing roses for your sister? They are beautiful, and I know she'd love 'em.

    It was nice you were able to spend the birthday's and the 4th together.

  2. Can you believe it? The first nursery I stopped at in Deer Park had the rose. I was thrilled. They also had buy two get one free so JEJ and I each got a rose also!


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