Campsis Radicans: The Heat-Loving Trumpet Vine

About four years ago our neighbor and dear friend SH had an incredibly beautiful trumpet vine climbing on the side of her garage. I loved that vivid orange color, but thought this plant was difficult to grow. I learned different. She gave us a start of the vine and the top two pictures illustrate what it looks like today.
" The campsis is a vigorous climber that will cling to wood, brick, and stucco surfaces with aerial rootlets. Use for large-scale effects, quick summer screen. All produce open, arching sprays of trumpet-shaped flowers in August and September. They grow in full sun or partial shade with moderate water." Sunset Western Garden Book
With our temperatures over 100 for the last three days these deciduous vines flourished early. We loved the plant so much we purchased another one a couple of years ago and the pictures on the bottom of the grid show how well it is doing. You can't miss with trumpet vines. They grow in most zones, will bloom in full sun or partial shade, and all we do it hook it to the structure and give it water and nourishment.
Our friend SH died a year ago in March. On days like today I think of her vibrant personality and how much she loved this plant. When I gaze at these gorgeous orange blossoms I can't think of a better way to honor my special friend in my garden.


  1. I want one! I want one! I want one!
    It's beautiful!

  2. attractive to hummingbirds.
    A wonderful tribute, too.

  3. That flower as a brilliant celebration of your friend says so much.

  4. Let's see, it is time to start making a list of all the plants I want to come and get starts off this fall to come plant in my garden. Let's see: 1. Trumpet Vine 2. Honeysuckle 3. Hops I'm sure there will be more on the list later.

  5. Beautiful! I'm thinking that's the ideal candidate to cover an ugly utility pole in our yard.

  6. Hi! I'm a lurker coming out to say hello! I love your blog and your take on life!

    I'm from the northwest as well and you can find my newly created blog at

    Feel free to stop in and say hello!

  7. Jackie: I was amazed how quickly they grew. As Pamela said they also attract hummingbirds.
    Pamela: You were right about hummingbirds.
    Sian: I always think of her when I see the plant. It makes it special.
    SVG: I am sure we can find some starts for you. You would like the Silver Lace Vine also. lol
    Molly: Good plan. Hops works great for ours.
    Hi Ashley: Welcome! You will love blogging. I will stop in.

  8. Love your new look- for your blog and your picture! I really enjoy the pictures of you, Pert, and SVG as children!

  9. Thanks pinehurst: I had fun creating a makeover. We also had fun going through the old pictures at Mom's.


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