Baby It's Hot Outside!

When temperatures reach above a hundred degrees I spend more energy figuring out how to stay cool then anything else. Today is one of those days. Of course there is nothing like cold lemonade on a hot day.
Isabelle heads up the ramp, through the cat door, and finds a cool spot in the garage when she is hot.
Shelby loves it if we are near a creek where she can cool her pads and get a long drink.

Annie sits quietly as she gets a haircut, then she will join Shelby in the water if she can!

We drink our morning coffee at the table which is still in the shade.
I don't care how old you are... running through a sprinkler is always an option for cooling down.
When the needle pushes up past 100 do you ever wish for rain?
When we were kids my Dad used to love to swim in the Clearwater River.
When Silver Valley Girl was a baby she had to share her little pool with a turtle. They both stayed cool though!

At the end of the day just watching the sun go behind the trees seems to drop the temperature in the garden. I think I will go adjust the fan and add some ice cubes to my lemonade.


  1. Now I have a craving for lemonade. Think I'll make some and go upstairs to our refuge - the one air-conditioned room in the entire house :)

  2. When I got my first job after finishing my degree in 2001, I bought an air-conditioning unit for my kitchen window. The Hunk didn't think we needed it, but he spends his days in air-conditioned offices. Now, that he's older. . .he enjoys the cool air. (I can even cook in the kitchen when it is running. - No more hiding in the basement all summer, complaining about the hot upstairs, and avoiding meals - except cool salads and sandwiches at all costs.

    Last summer, one of our daughters even baked cookies in the house on a hot summer day, and it didn't warm the kitchen up. It has been my most favorite purchase *ever.* Now if we could just get air-conditioning for a vehicle again! That quit working about 10+ years ago.

  3. you made the day feel cool.
    I guess you folk up north are getting fried well done, too.

    you're up in tree country, tho aren't you??

  4. Oh yes, it is SO hot! We have storm clouds slowly gathering today --- with thunder storms predicted for tonight. Do you have them predicted as well? I hear the entire state is sweltering. West side friends aren't used to this --- and are complaining greatly! Of course we complain to, but in a more understanding way, LOL! I loved your post and the lemonade looks delicious! We cool down with herbal sun tea, chilled, and served with ice and the sweet herb, Stevia. Delicious! It's a good way to keep my boys away from too much soda pop on days like these! :)

  5. oh these photos are spectacular.. so sorry it's so hot.. it's hot here too.. and it's not august yet.. yikes..

    take care and happy day :)

  6. MD: I have just craved lemondade during this hot spell... that and air conditioning! lol
    Pinehurst:Yes, we also have one in the house and it sure helps!
    Pamela: We are getting fried. 106 yesterday! We're in tree country, but it is hot and dry.
    La tea da- Yes, we had thunderstorms last night also and lots of fires around. Ours, like yours I'm sure, is a hot, dry heat. I agree with the herbal sun tea. I have really tried to give up pop... especially during this time. The veggies are growing great so there is a silver lining.
    Shelby: I agree... just wait until we all melt in August!


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