You Gotta Love June!

Nothing says June like the first bowl of strawberries from the garden. I love the taste of the ripe, sweet fruit on top of vanilla ice cream. Having both strawberries and rhubarb ready at the same time created a perfect opportunity to make a pie. The double exposure shows my Grandma Woolum's Betty Crocker cookbook open to her favorite recipe overlapped with the baked pie.

I heard JEJ call out today from the raspberry patch that they are almost ripe. You gotta love June!


  1. Slurrp! My daughter, V, just said a few moments ago, as I was cutting some rhubarb for a friend. . ."I need to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie tomorrow."

    I asked her if our strawberries were ripe, and she said, "I don't know, but we have some in the freezer." (Store boughten).

    The birds usually get most of our strawberries, unless we let the plants get really thick - And this year the plants are thick!

    Our raspberries are just forming on the ends of the branches. It will be a few weeks before ours are ready to pick!

  2. As you noticed our strawberries aren't realllly ripe. That is because of the birds. They love them. I hope a pie was made at your house also.

  3. LOVE rhubarb crumble :).......


  4. Marmite.... so do I. I think rhubarb is like marmite- you love it or hate it.
    Thanks raymond pert.

  5. No pie today - - -but I did pick some strawberries. (About 8 - 10).


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