Sunday Scribblings: I've Got a Secret

The Sunday Scribbling topic this week is I’ve Got a Secret.

Here are a few of my secrets:

I am enthralled with stories about people getting rescued off a mountain or out of a raging river. I don’t like reality television shows.

I grab any book by Anna Quindlen, Anne Lamott, or Elizabeth Berg. I have never read much by Steinbeck, Faulkner, Hemingway, or Twain.
I can grow roses, peonies, and clematis in my garden. I have never been successful with delphiniums, astible, or butterfly bushes.

I enjoy brewing a cup of Lipton’s tea and adding some milk. I have to choke down chamomile and green tea. In the city I spend hours in bookstores, second hand stores, and plant nurseries. I never shop at Nordstrom’s, Ann Taylor, or Victoria’s Secret.

I grew up in a town with a ski resort that went from Jackass Ski Bowl to Silverhorn to Silver Mountain. I have never snow skied in my life.

I am challenged by word puzzles, constructing an essay, and word choice in poetry. I can’t comprehend algebra, physics, or probability. I look forward to preserving pickles, jams, and applesauce every year. I can’t make a flaky pie crust, homemade bread, or any confection requiring a candy thermometer.

When I shop for clothes my first requirement is comfort. I no longer wear high heels, scratchy fabric, or fancy dancy sleepwear.

As I have moved through life I have acquired a wide group of friends. There are the childhood friends, the neighbors from another town, college friends, co-workers, my new blog friends, and friends that have been with me through the best and worst of times.
My last secret... I would love to have a friends week-end and gather all these women in one place. I think everyone would get along beautifully!
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  1. Oh I REALLY enjoyed this post and reading thru other parts of your blog this morning.

    Delightful idea of a friends weekend :)

    Take care and happy Sunday. I shall visit again!

  2. you know a rose we should get?

    'Janet', the new david austin. For...well, that's obvious, right?

    Delphiniums take a while. Astilbe? hmmm. they are no brainers; wonder what? why? and butterfly bush! BUTTERFLY BUSH! IT'S weed, for god's sakes. ?????? do they not winter or do they not make it to dormancy?

  3. wow, what are the odds of us using the same photo on this prompt. Do great minds truly think alike? I am glad I posted first so as to not appear to plagiarize your ideas. LOL

  4. I'd come to the women's weekend!

    Laughing at Myrtle Beach Whale's comment. If you read back through the list, and anticipate the words coming from him. . .it makes an interesting, if not disconcerting read. (MBW: I won't be coming your way for women's weekend.)

  5. I am totally with you on the authors I love Quindlen, Berg, and Lamott--in fact, I have her new book in my stack of "to read" books this summer. I had a boyfriend once (an English major) who gave me a collection of Faulkner short stories for my birthday wishing me "many happy hours of reading." I've enjoyed many happy hours of reading, but can't say they were spent on that book!

  6. What a fun post to read. I think we all like to hear each other's 'secrets'. I share some of these with you.

  7. I will come to your friends weekend!!!! What a fabulous idea!

  8. Thanks Shelby for visiting my blog. I will be over to visit yours.
    JBelle: You will never believe it. Today JEJ told me the butterfly bush has come back to life. Good thing I didn't dig it up!
    MBW: I saw that picture on your blog. Now I agree great leaded mines work alike!
    Rondi:I believe our taste is close in books!
    Jackie: Thanks...these secrets were fun to write
    Tori: Wouldn't a friends week-end be the best?

  9. I loved your secrets post! I feel like I got to know you better! I'm not one for flowers, although I like gardening. I think I just like playing in the mud with the daycare
    I would love to have a weekend like that. I don't know how when or why, but I would love it!
    PS I thinking teaching them is like parenting them. I do both and I don't know how to seperate the What you do in one year at the school, can affect them forever. If we had more teachers like you around here, they'd be in school....honest!
    In fact, I had a teacher, Mrs. Marr, oh how I loved this woman. She taught me to read and write in grade 2/3 split class. I couldn't have learned it without her! With tourette and CAPD on my side, I barely had a chance. She saw past it and helped me. What a wonderful woman. I'm sure you teach like that. Your posts are so warm and welcoming!

  10. I feel really stupid. I thought Myrtle Beach he had the same secret!!! AWWWWGGGGGGG! (No wonder he didn't know what I was talking about!!!)

  11. pimd: I thought what you said the first time was funny. I got it in my own little mind :).

  12. Ohhh, I love secondhand bookstores too. And library book sales. And people who sell books, even whole libraries, at garage and estate sales. I LOVE old books!

    You have a beautiful blog, by the way.


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