Sunday Scribblings: Eccentricty

Top Ten Reasons My Students
Think I am Eccentric 10. I never watch six hours of television a day.
9. I don’t wear flip flops to school and when I wear sandals I wear socks because my feet get cold and I don’t want to hurt my toes.
8. I can’t ever pronounce Beyonce
or déjà vu and I always call Steve-O Jacko which gets much quick correction.
7. I hate scary movies with a passion, but they still try to
tell me the plot line every time they see one. 6. I watch the news, read a newspaper,
and check out the news online.5. I love to play classical music in the classroom.
4. When it is cold outside I wear a coat, gloves, and a hat.
3. I have yet to seen Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Lord of the Rings.
2. I have never played an X-Box game, gone paintballing,
done Laser Quest, and didn’t know what a Wii was until last week. And the number one reason my students think I am eccentric:
I don't own an I Pod ( yet!)

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  1. I can very definitely relate to this one - sometimes I know my high school students think I'm hopefully out of touch with things. However, they were quite impressed with me when I said I talked about "burning CD's," and I wasn't referring to incinerating them!

    Great post :)

  2. I know, it is like when did the "Generation Gap" get so wide. They were impressed when I watched a movie on a DVD.

  3. I'll add one more, Ms. Eccentric: no DVD player. Ahem... :-)

  4. I was right there with you until the ipod confession. I own two -- one just for music, another for videos. I suddenly feel ordinary.

  5. Your eccentricities seem real!

  6. I love playing classical music in my classroom, too. It's to the point where the room is almost uncomfortable without it. I don't own an ipod either =)

  7. Well thanks brother Raymond Pert for reminding me I also don't have a DVD player.
    Herb: I guess I better think about an I Pod
    lisrobbe: thanks for stopping in.
    Rondi: I am glad to hear another teacher uses classical music!

  8. I think most of the things your students consider eccentric are the things that show you are educated. (And you spend your free time, reading, gardening, and planning for school related stuff.)

    I have heard that Classical music is great for building connections in the brain. It would be the best thing to have going in the background while kids are learning.

  9. Time to get wit' it, sistah! Shrek is funny, Pirates of the Caribbean is fun escapism, and next time you're home with the flu, that's the time to watch LOTR.

    My feet get cold in sandals, too. I don't know why I bother buying summer clothes because everywhere I go, the air conditioning is always cranked up to "Refrigerate" and I need a sweater.

  10. I'm often considered eccentric for very similar reasons!

  11. Even though you don't play XBox, you did own an original Nintendo in the early 1990's. Don't forget that!!!

  12. Thanks all for your comments. I am beginning to think being eccentric is cool!
    Yes silver valley girl: My students don't believe it when I can sing that song from the Mario brothers. I just found the pictures of the obsesssion Mario week-end at my house in Kennewick. Ummm.... maybe a good blog post. I will know what to use if the Sunday Scribblings word is obsession. :)

  13. ROFL...I love the pic of the 8-track...
    What a great angle for this prompt! the pics for Writer's retreat also. I could only dream of getting away to a place like that!
    The wii part was too funny, but I can completely relate to the socks and flip flop I have $3 canvas shoes that I wear all summer cuz I can't stand cold feet...hehe

  14. jennifer: you would love this retreat and you know what they say .. cold feet, warm heart!


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