Sunday Scribblings: Country

The topic for Sunday Scribblings this week is Town and Country. I chose country. You can find the complete collection of scribblings for the week here.

Country is where I live. I have never lived in a big city. When I visit cities I love to try different restaurants, go to Starbucks, browse book stores, and visit interesting sites. I only want to visit cities, then I want to go home.

Country is home. I may have to drive at least sixteen miles to get any services. Meals need to be planned. Grocery lists are ongoing. If we run out of something we improvise until we can get to town. We get by. It took awhile to get used to the planning, but now I like not running to the store as often. Being surrounded by pine trees, wildflowers, and dusty roads is home.

Country is quiet. Right now I can hear crickets chirping, a toad croaking, and a bird singing. I am very rarely awakened by noisy traffic. Our dogs barking at a raccoon is about as loud as it gets some days. After a day of teaching I crave the quiet.

Country is scenic. I do live in a beautiful part of Washington state. I can view lakes, mountains, pine forests, and orchards without driving more than ten minutes. I can observe deer, turkeys, a moose ( I saw one!) , swans, and bald eagles most any day. Sometimes I even see a brown bear. I can visit a babbling brook, an overflowing creek, and a clear mountain river by heading north a few miles.

Country is what I need. The quiet beauty of life in northeastern Washington is what I need at this time in my life. I left a more populated area. I knew I wouldn’t have a drive-thru bank and espresso every day. I knew I would have to do more shopping online and use the public library instead of buying books. All this has worked out. I needed the country to dig in roots and feel safe. I craved the slow pace, my surroundings, and the quiet. With my husband, dogs, cats, and rabbits we have been able to live in harmony away from city life.

Country is where I will stay.


  1. Jebus, I would so love to live where you live, I would love to be isolated and go into the town etc when I chose.....

    You live in a gorgeous beautiful place......

    oye, any blue porched houses up for grabs in those there parts? ;)


  2. (Big Huge Sigh) Your post made me miss the Adirondacks!! I lived there back when I didn't know how great it was, it was just home!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place.

  4. See, now I sound like Hemingway: "In Spain, dreaming of...."

    because I have not lived on spokane's south hill for eleven years now, and sometimes I still wake up weeping for missing the ground under my feet there. Every time I used to visit it from NY, which is home again, I used to want to fall to my knees and kiss the sidewalk.

    Explain THAT to me. I mean, Spokaloo. Who figgered?

    You make me homesick for the Palouse, for the long drive up 395 past Chewelah, for the farmhouse on the corner of Half Moon Road that I always wondered about.....for St. Regis, the other home of my heart. How can I have Brooklyn and Priest Lake in my heart? The heart is vast, but is it that vast?

    Impossible. Kiss my home for me, please. I miss it. I can't wait to see it again.

  5. I didn't get to sunday scribblings but I still love reading them! I'm a country girl also but I still enjoy being close to the local Tim Horton's for a tea. You americans don't know what your missing when it comes to Tim Horton's tea!!! LOL
    My country house has mice, ants, moles, but at least I can see the horses from here and an occassional rabbit!
    Loving it!

  6. I love the country too, and I love this picture. How beautiful.

  7. Thanks for the comments. I think all of us have a little country in us!
    Firecat:I truly understand. The south hill of Spokane is a place with memories for me also. I know the farmhouse at Half Moon Rd., love St. Regis, Priest Lake, and the drive up 395. What a contrast from Brooklyn. I think you do have a big heart. I will kiss it all for you. I hope you are able to return to our inland empire soon.


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