Spring Bouquet #11: Flowers to Say Thank You

As the school year draws to an end there are always people to thank for their efforts at making the school a better place. What better way to thank my principal for her excellent leadership than with a bouquet of fresh picked flowers? I decided to do a mix of blossoms and colors. The peonies in the center with their huge blooms and lovely scent are definitely the focal point. It made a perfect centerpiece this morning on her desk in her office resting among her papers, books, and files. I saw her later and the bouquet put a smile on her face!
Now I am off to finish the last reading of exams and final grades. Tomorrow will be here before I am ready I am afraid. Let's see... there must be some really good chocolate that can keep me awake for another hour or so..... let the search begin!


  1. Peonies are such glorious flowers. Lucky principal

  2. Those are beautiful flowers! The whole picture is beautiful...what a setting...it's incredible. But I have to know, is that a CAT? If so, it might be the biggest cat I ever saw!

  3. That is a lovely bouquet! It sure would have put a smile on my face if it was on my desk, taking the attention away from the stacks of papers and books!!!

  4. My principal was very happy. Jackie... the cat is McDuff and he is big but in that picture for some reason he looks puffed up with hair. I had to look twice to make sure it was him. I will do another post on McDuff so you can see him closer up.


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