Sibling Assignment # 25: Lessons Learned from Camping

The sibling assignment this week is to write about a camping experience. You will find Raymond Pert's here and Silver Valley Girl's here.
Lesson #1: Above is Shelby when she was two and Annie when she was about five months old. We went camping at Evans Campground on Lake Roosevelt that spring break. The dogs had a fun day digging for gophers, chasing birds, and running to the water. Suddenly I saw Annie shaking her head quickly back and forth. As I got closer I realized she had a barbed fishhook in the lip attached to a line with leaded weights. JEJ knew if he tried to remove it the lip may fare worse. The vet was close so we gave her a call. She said keep Annie calm until morning them bring her in. We learned many lessons that day. Annie can be a trooper, can stay calm, and be very brave. Shelby could behave in an emergency and the two dog owners could also react in a calm way.

Lesson #2: When we were still tent camping we found a nice camp spot one morning off Coyote Creek Rd. What we discovered later in the day was the site was very hot with the afternoon sun beating on us. We didn't camp close to water so JEJ is hauling it above. We also ran out of ice.
He headed off to town for ice and left me with the three dogs we had then: Emily, Bluey, and Lucy. To pass the time I took them for a walk. Just as we rounded the corner by our camp we saw a brown bear. I froze. The bear froze. The dogs took over running full tilt after the bear. They treed the bear and barked and stood post under the tree until Everett returned. That day we learned to camp in shade and by water. Also, if you are going to leave a inexperienced camper like me there, tell her some tips for dealing with wild animals.
Lesson #3: Another time our niece the Princess was visiting so we decided to head up the lake to camp. We didn't want to go too far so pulled off a dirt road close to Kettle Falls. As we drove in I was a bit hesitant about whether it was okay to stay overnight here. JEJ convinced me it was fine. We pulled in and noticed the site had been the location for a teen party by the remains we found.
After dinner we were enjoying the sunset above when a SUV roared down the road. It startled us and we came around to see the sheriff. We wondered if there had been an emergency.
" Did you see the sign that said NO CAMPING?" he asked.
The Princess and I looked at each other and shook our heads no. He turned around to see the sign was down," Those darn kids. They love to party here and knock the sign down. I was just checking to see if a party was starting,"
We looked a bit too innocent for the first arrivals at a party.
" Could we stay until morning,"JEJ asked," we have our stuff set up and the awning is out? "
" I guess so. Just be out in the morning." he roared back out throwing dust in our faces.
" It is always so fun to come and visit you . Something exciting always happens," the Princess said laughing, " I think we are criminals now."
" How do you think we would look in striped jail clothes?" JEJ joked.
We walked back up the road and studied the sign the sheriff put back up.
I learned that day to trust my intuition. I also learned that the sheriff can be understanding. I also know how it feels to be a criminal!


  1. If you'd been hauled off to jail, we'd have a niece named Princess Paris Hilton.

  2. I swear I don't remember the story about the dogs treeing the bear. You must have told me, but I sure don't remember. How funny!! (Now, I'm sure it is, as you look back.)

  3. Wow. I've never gone camping with just my husband. We have always been with a large group, but I still am kinda scared of the wildlife!

    I did wake up one night when we were tent camping, (we have only gone tent camping, unless you count the times we slept in the back of our pickup or on the ground in our sleeping bags). . .anyway, I woke up to the sound of an owl hoooooo, hoooooo. It was the most beautiful sound I think I have ever heard.

  4. Marcy25.6.07

    Wow, my camping experiences have never even come close to yours!! My most exciting was when a humungous thunderstorm came off Lake Champlain during the night and we had to jump out of the tent and into the car -- in my opinion, not cool to be in a tent on the ground during a lightning storm!

  5. Thanks for all your comments.
    SVG: I will have to find the pictures of the bear!
    PIMD: I love the sound of owls. We don't see too many up this way.
    Marcy: Good choice with the lightening. We have slept a few times in a vehicle also!

  6. Princess26.6.07

    As I remember we were quite shady looking back in the day. So the Sheriff had good reason to be alarmed. Maybe it was because you had a minor [a.k.a ME/Princess] drinking booze and smoking cigars. Also the dead bodies should have been a hint. You need to have a talk with your law enforcment up there now that we are older and wiser.

  7. Princess: Ummmmm.... I was trying to blank out those "shady years".


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