Road Trip: The First Leg of the Journey to the Retreat

The area south of Spokane along Highway 195 is known as The Palouse. Today I traveled the first leg of my journey to McCall to the retreat. The stretch of landscape from Spangle to Pullman was glorious today with the green fields contrasting with the white clouds and blue sky.
I pulled off here to catch the rolling hills with the ribbon of highway cutting through the middle.
Here is looks like I was a lone traveler driving through the Palouse. Actually the road was pretty busy with road construction, cops catching speeders ( glad I set my cruise control), and slow moving farming vehicles.
Each time I stop in Pullman I have to go to Brused Books. It has an incredible inventory of used books and I always find titles that I have been searching for. When books are piled on the floor and laying sideways on top of others on theshelf you know browsing is a necessity. It is well-organized and the workers are very knowledgeable which helps even more.
My friend lives on a hill with this view of Washington State University. She also looks down on this community garden. Many gardeners were tending their vegetables and flowers this evening.


  1. What a wonderful trip. And I can't wait to hear about your writing retreat, and read what you have created. I hope to attend sometime. Have a wonderful, relaxing, creative, refreshing week.

  2. Would love to visit that bookstore. . .I'd probably spend 3 hours just browsing. I loooove to read!

    Nice picture of Wazzu, too!

  3. Great photos of the Palouse! And your retreat sounds wonderful. [My husand and I met in McCall 40 years this summer.]
    Can't wait to read more about your trip.

  4. The openness of road you traveled is so different from the tree-lined car-crowded roads of eastern Massachusetts. It's rare that you'd catch a stretch of highway like that without a car here. Must have been a peaceful drive...

  5. Such memories! You've taken me back 30 years --- to college and grad school days. We drove back last summer, just for a visit. The ride there is SO beautiful. I love the rolling hills of the Palouse. Enjoy yourself --- I know you'll love the retreat!

  6. I'm green as the Palouse wheat, lining the highway, with envy!

  7. Looks just like Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Wyoming, Southern Idaho, England, and every other flat state with no interesting topography that I have driven through. Oh, England is not a state? Not yet. Now, post some photos of McCall and you have something. It is beautiful there. The palouse wouldn't even make a nice golf course, not enough elevation changes. Surprised you could stay awake for that drive.

  8. Oh my..... love the pic of the road with the white clouds.... what a great shoot..... and that bookshop would be to die for....

    A community garden? I think over here it is what we would call an allotment :) and one of me new books I ordered is 'Allotment gardening' cos Im thinking of getting me an allotment up near the old onion fields......


  9. Marmite:The bookstore is a fine place to curl up and spend a few hours!

  10. Beautiful country - and beautiful pictures!
    I want to go to the bookstore! Reading is one of my passions and I can never have enough books.

  11. Jackie: You then would love this book store. I may return there today when we get back to Pullman.


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