Postcards from McCall: See You Next Year!

The reading/writing retreat came to a close today. People lingered not wanting it to end. Conversations continued after lunch as people loaded up their stuff. The phrase I heard over and over that warmed my heart was, " See you next year!" This week people took risks with their writing. We formed a trusting community and cried over stories of struggle and loss. Some holed up in cabins and were very productive with academic projects. Others enjoyed the hiking trails, the hot sun yesterday, bike trails, writing workshop, an espresso from town, and s'mores at the final campfire.
I have much to look forward to tomorrow. A scenic drive, good coffee at Starbucks, a quick trip to the bookstore, and a country road with JEJ, two dogs, six cats, two rabbits, and summer gardens waiting for my return.


  1. That was so fast! Your roses will be blooming like crazy. :) Welcome back.

  2. What a terrific kick off for your summer!! Reading your posts, I felt like I was (almost) right there too!

  3. I've loved these trip posts....... it sounds like you all have the most amazing time.....

    Drive safely home.......


  4. thanks for your comments. I did arrive safe and tired, but I was able to just sit and enjoy the flowers. It was an amazing time and I am eager to continue reading and writing!


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