Our Cat Lily

We always acquire cats that need homes. Because we live in the country friends and family think we need more cats. Of course JEJ is knows as " The Cat Whisperer" because the cats flock to him wherever he is around the property. Since our cats are indoor/outdoor cats adding more doesn't make a huge difference. Right now we have six cats. A year ago in March we lost a dear friend SH. The fall prior to her death she got two kittens at the feed store. They were the cutest brother and sister. She kept them on a screened porch when it got cold. When she got sick the cats got attention from people who came to help and visit like JEJ and me. Her husband was concerned about the cats because of his dog and other animals around their property so they didn't go outside.

There was so much to deal with after her death. GH didn't know what to do with the kittens. We went home one day after helping at the house and decided as a gift to our dear friends we would bring them home. What a blessing the two cats have been. There were some hisses and growling when they first arrived and met the other cats. Now they have blended into our cat kingdom nicely.

Lily is very independent. She doesn't like being held. She is still a bit leary of our dogs, but loves to follow you everywhere around the gardens. Her coloring is beautiful and I was glad I caught these pictures after she did a tour of the gardens with me one evening. I hope we will continue to spend more time together. Another day I will do a post introducing her brother William.


  1. Lily is a beautiful cat. I just want to scruff her under the neck in all that white fur. It's nice she has taken to you and likes to accompany you on your strolls through the garden.

  2. That's a pretty cat! It must be fun observing all the different personalities the cats have.

  3. What a sweetheart! My best cats have been tabbies with white markings. I currently have just two cats and it seems so empty around here. But I promised my old girl "Cougar" that she could live out her days without being pestered by kittens, and I'm trying to keep that promise. :)

  4. I love that you're a cat person :) - we use to have 5 cats but are now down to 2 plus one that comes and goes....

    sweet cat...


  5. Thanks for the comments. Yes, Lily is a beauty. She feels pretty special now that she got a blog post. Her crabby sister Iris was a bit huffy so I put her over on the sidebar of pictures.


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