Lily Time and Early Summer Bouquet #12

It just worked out that I have early blooming lilies now and other varieties that bloom later. I didn't really plan this, but is works out beautifully. Many have them have also naturalized so where there used to be two now there are four or five. The orange and green contrast stands out after a few weeks of pastel colors.
JEJ loves red roses. I picked this bouquet just for him and places it in the window so the light would catch the mixture of colors. Adding an Annabelle hydrangea before it opened added an interesting chartreuse color. The fresh dill head is always a nice filler.


  1. Stunning colors! Takes my breath away!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. My orange lily just started to bloom, I know what you mean about the bright color. I love the roses and the 'filler' - mine haven't bloomed yet. I always have trouble with them, too - they'll probably get eaten - seems something always chews on them!

  3. Nice. My husband likes home-grown flowers. I did a blue delphinium/white peony bouquet for our Father's Day table. He really liked it, mainly because I grew the flowers.

  4. How beautiful! I found your blog through Gracious Hospitality. It's lovely.

  5. I have bought some lillies, in an effort to splash some color around. Ended up getting white. sigh.


    Your lillies are great.

  6. Beautiful.......

    I LOVE red geraniums...... I have them on me kitchen windowsill all year round, and this time of year I have them in me poo buckets out the front of me house and in me troughs out the back and in me hanging baskets :).....

    You garden is so beautiful......


  7. Rondi: thanks so much. I just walked out again and they are stunning.
    Jackie: Is it deer that eat your lilies. Don't try the Irish Spring soap!
    Pinehurst: The bouquet sounds lovely. Your husband has good taste!
    JBelle: I bought different colors one year, but they all turned white. Something to do with pollinating. I just picked these up at Yoke's in Deer Park and they have been the best... go figure.
    Thanks for stopping in Charity Grace.
    marmite: I love red geraniums also. I think my grandmother always had them and one house I loved when I was younger had red ones in front every summer.


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