Here's To You Papa Pert

Eleven years ago today was my father's funeral . Earlier in the week I wrote about the weeks leading up to his death here. My niece The Princess was around during the time Dad was very sick. One day I took her with me to Spokane because I had a hair appointment and I thought she could go for a field trip. She was five at the time. When The Princess was older she also reflected on his death and wrote the following poem to her Papa Pert, my dad.
I have kept it ever since.

I am not sad. I do not cry,
I just want to know why you had to die.
For dying is a mystery to me,
I never knew that could be.
Whey did you have to die?

You were always there for me.
Is this supposed to happen?
Is this really true?
When I get old will I die just like you?
I know the answer.
It is yes, but is it really for the best?

The good part of dying I know this is true.
You go up to heaven. When I go up I hope to see you.
My friend says we will not know each other if you die,
I hope not, that would make me cry,
For it you didn't know anyone in heaven, would it be so great?
Would you really want to go so much if you knew you didn't know so much?
I hope not because that would hurt, very much.

So Papa Pert please answer my questions.
What does Heaven look like?
Do you miss me?
I remember when I sat in your chair.
It was funny... you sat on me like I wasn't there.
And I remember you taught me how to eat spaghetti on a fork.
How you twisted it just right.

I remember the sad news.
The news that you died.
I really didn't think that much of it,
I didn't really care, but now I realize
the importance of you being there.

I don't remember the funeral
Only bits and pieces of what I think it was,
There were a lot of old people and I was scared.
I think of it though because I didn't cry.
Remember? I didn't care.
haven't cared for so long, but now I am ready to be strong.
Too bad I can't hug you, too bad you can't hug me.
Well, here's to you my Papa Pert
The one that means so much to me.
by your granddaughter
The Princess

On that field trip eleven years ago I took my niece to
McDonald's to play in the pit with the balls .


  1. Thank you for sharing this.
    What a lovely tribute.
    Aren't we all so lucky to have such special people in our lives, even for what seems like a brief moment sometimes.

  2. The Princess6.6.07

    I haven't changed!
    In fact I believe I still wear those pants.
    just kidding, just kidding.

    I still slightly remember that "field trip"

  3. Wow -- sometimes that's all you need to say!

  4. Princess: The part I remember about the field trip is you having much fun at the hair salon twirling in the chair and watching all the peole get stuff done to their hair. I suppose the pants still fit too! :)
    Thanks to the rest of you... I feel blessed to have this poem from the Princess.


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