A Day Just For Me

I love the artwork of Mary Engelbreit. I always have one of her calendars hanging on the wall in my study. This study also has a collection of her mugs, magnets, prints, books, and bookmarks. The print above is one of my all-time favorites. During a stressful time I can just picture myself in that chair and it takes me to a place I can rest and relax.

Today was the first day after the last day of school. I still need to return in a week to do some tasks, but today was my day to spend in the comfort of my home. I relished the idea of when I woke up I didn't have anywhere to go. I sat on the deck and drank coffee leisurely. I didn't pay attention to time. I sat and finished reading a fluffy feel-good book. I reread writing I had done recently. I toured the gardens. I spent time with the dogs and cats. JEJ made me a comfort lunch of tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwich.

I could feel my body decompress as I spent the day doing what I wanted to do. I felt the kinks move out of my neck as I petted the cats. I felt renewed energy as I smelled the roses and admired the vegetable garden.

As day moves to evening it looks like we may have a storm. JEJ just snapped this picture over Lake Roosevelt. I think I will go back to my chair on the deck with a glass of wine and enjoy the beauty of my surroundings. What a day to rest and relax.
The rain just started. Here is another shot catching the moving clouds. Nothing like a summer rainstorm to end a day just for me.


  1. What a relaxing read! You have a wonderful way with words.
    How heavenly it must feel for you to have a day all to yourself. Isn't summer a beautiful time? We could use a nice (gentle) rainstorm. It's dry here.
    I too love Mary Engelbreit :)
    Your roses are so lovely. I wish I could get mine to bloom the way yours do.
    Enjoy your summer vacation!

  2. Isn't it just fabulous to be able to let your mind drift and to not have to do or go, but just be. A very relaxing and refreshing post! I start my vaca in a couple of weeks and think that I may take a couple of tips from your post to celebrate my first day of vacation!

  3. Kerri, thanks for your kind words. It really was a relaxing day.
    Marcy- enjoy your vacation, especially the first day! (:

  4. The rain always has a calming effect on me. (I should specify the rain in the Northwest.) It comes down gently, and sometimes hard, but the rhythm of the rain is soothing.

    I also love the smell of wet dirt - at least in Pinehurst. (Wet dirt in Texas smelled like a wet dog.)

  5. Glad you got to have a day 'just for me'. If we didn't take a few of those along the way - we'd probably all start screaming and never stop!

    Mary Engelbreit is one of my faves, too, and my oldest daughter's. I get my daughter the new calendar every year. I use Mary's coffee mug that shows the little girl walking down a forest path, and a signpost that indicates behind her is "No longer an option", and ahead is "Your life". We also have the one that says "Worrying does not empty tomorrow of it's problems, it empties today of it's strengths" - both are important messages for me to remember.

  6. Jackie,
    I love both of those also!

  7. Love the view! I'd sit out and watch the rain, too.


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