Barnaby and Martin: Rabbits With a Job To Do

Meet Barnaby and Martin. I have had blogging friends request pictures of the rabbits. It is hard to get a good shot of these two when it is hot. We pull a shade down by their pen to keep them cool. These rabbits have an important job to do other than hop around and be cute. They produce rich manure that has helped our flowers grow and flourish. Amending the soil with aged rabbit manure adds rich nitrogen and phosphorus. Knowing what they eat helps in " what will come out"! Fortunately this manure doesn't have weed seeds. The rabbits used to have a helper Sherman, but he died last year (note: these names come from creeks that are close to where we live). Our rabbits like to have a job to do. They have worked nonstop for about six years. We show our appreciation for the great heaps of work they produce by giving them their favorite treat- Cheerios.


  1. Cheerios! That's funny. I would have guessed something green. Now this is what I need - my own source of manure for the garden, they are just so cute.

  2. Jackie: A student of mine that raised rabbits for 4-H said the rabbits "performed" better at the fair when she gave them Cheerios as a reward. Our only problem is keeping the dogs from stealing the cereal if it gets close to the end of the pen.lol

  3. When you first said they had a job to do. . .I was expecting them to reproduce and provide meat for your family. Glad to know they are providing by living, and not dying. . .

  4. They are so cute! Great to see their photos at last! Cheerios? Our rabbit loved dandelions more than anything! We never even thought to try her with Cheerios!


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