Annie is Now an English Shorthair!

Annie, our springer spaniel knew it was time for a summer cut. She is a good sport about getting groomed.
Shelby is glad heelers don't need haircuts. She is a low maintenance dog.
Annie got a bit worn out getting beautiful and had to take five.
Finally, the grooming session was over and she could feel the cool grass again!

McDuff is thinking he might be next for a summer hair cut. Is that the sound of clippers I hear?


  1. Annie is so cute. I probably said it before, but I love her all black head! Have you ever tried to clip a cat. . .might get a bit bloody in the process. Someone will think you attacked by a string trimmer.

  2. Annie will be so happy for her new 'do' when it gets 100 degrees outside! Cute pets. I'm partial to that McDuff - looks like he's not too afraid of anything.

  3. I love that last photo - would be ideal for a caption competition!

  4. Just a wee question - we've seen your dogs and your cat, but what about your rabbit?

  5. Your dog stands so well for that! Did you really shave the cat too? LOL

  6. Oh, how good is you dog is sit so patiently..... it looks like a sheep shearing LOL


  7. I have some great pictures of when we clipped the cat. JEJ wore work gloves and I did a lot of soothing.
    You are right Jackie-McDuff is "the man".
    Crafty- just for you a blog about the rabbits today (sat./June 30th)
    Jennifer- we just try to trim the cat.
    Marmite: Annie is amazing... I think she is actually scared!


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