A Week-End With Two Special Mothers

I am not a mother myself so Mother's Day week-end is a perfect time for me to do something special for my mother and sister silver valley girl. On Saturday I prepared a Mother's Day Eve dinner for the whole family. It was fun to put this menu together: White wine citrus sangria
Greek Watermelon Salad

Mediterranean Steak Salad
and with much gratitude to JBelle... the Pound Cake of Bellemaison with strawberries and cream. The recipe can be found here.
We attended a Mother's Day Tea at French Gulch Farm and Garden on Sunday. It is an amazing gardening destination tucked away off I-90 between Kellogg and Cataldo off the Kingston exit. The owner had a plant sale on the grounds while another woman did the tea up the hill in another building. The food was delicious and the surroundings were exactly what this gardening girl loves. What could be more perfect than spending Mother's Day with my two favorite mothers enjoying scones and lemon curd, sipping lavender tea, wandering through the gardens, and being able to take home herbs, variegated grass, and basket stuffers? We said good-bye to my sister and Mom and I headed to my house. A perfect way to end the week-end was having one special mother come home with me.


  1. I just love the naughty children sign -- may I borrow it for my blog? I will take a pic of the dread week spurge and post it so that you can see if you have it. I'm still giggling over the words of wisdom. Some really good stuff in there. Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  2. Sorry -- make that "week" a "weed" instead -- makes more sense doesn't it?

  3. Yes, you can use my picture. I think the signs and mugs were for sale that day. It was fun to gather the words of wisdom!

  4. What a perfectly wonderful way to spend mother's day! There's nothing nicer than a mom mixed with tea and an herb and plant nursery! Awesome!

    Your sign reminds me of another that my neighbor had. It said "Garden of Weedin'" -- so typical for me by the time mid-summer heat arrives! I can't bear weeding in those temps!

    PS: Every teacher is a mother to many! I know you influence and hold many near and dear to your heart --- and your students hold you near to theirs. So, happy mother's day to you as well!

  5. Thanks la tea dah- I do hold them near my heart and sadly often spend more time with them than their own mothers.

  6. Are you going to post the watermelon salad recipe?? Sounds like you all had a lovely day. :)
    good stuff.

  7. JBelle,
    I was a sleepy last night when I did the blog and figured I'd get it all wrong. Yes, I will post it this week.

  8. Amazing meal, and as I told your sister, I was soooo jealous of the tea. Do they serve tea all the time, or was that just a Mother's Day special?

    You are so fortunate to still have your mom, and that she is able to travel to your place. Such a blessing to your life!

  9. They only do the tea on Mother's Day week-end and then have some type of celebration on Labor Day week-end. I am blessed to have my mom here with me. We have had a great visit.


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