The Weather Is Warming Up at Our House

The thermometer has hit eighty around Lake Roosevelt this week . Here are some signs the weather is warming up at our place. The greenhouse has been emptied of many plants that had wintered over and now are ready to make the transition outside again.The crab apple tree began blooming in front of the lilacs. Annie has been given her summer cut. We found freckles we forgot she had. She is now cool and happy! The cats found their beds returned to the empty greenhouse for the summer.For some odd reason Annie decided she wanted to try a cat bed in the greenhouse. She leaped on the shelf, twirled around to try it out, then realized she was too big. Her friend Sweet William was relieved when she leaped down.
A geranium is back on the fence waiting for the new buds to bloom into late spring color. Other signs the weather is warming are observing the early vegetables sprouting up, the scent of lilacs greeting me as I arrive inside the gate, and JEJ calling me at school just to double check which flower seeds go where in the raised beds.
Spring has sprung!


  1. That is a DAMNED fine looking dog.

    Do you winter your geraniums?

  2. Beautiful picks. Annie is so cute, and so are your cats.

    I am really excited, because I am starting to see a little green on the hydrangea we brought back from the Oregon Coast last year. I love the pics of your yard!


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