Three Passions: Gardening, Reading, Lilacs

This week-end we finally felt like it was safe to bring out garden decor, some plants, and watering cans. In the back of the greenhouse the statue of this little girl reading was hidden where she had been stored last fall. Uncovering her yesterday reminded me of the woman that gave me this girl. She worked for me at school as a paraeducator. She knew my passion for reading and shared that passion. I now have her daughter in my class and she also shares our passion for books. The mother and I were in a book group together and talked about books when we had a moment in our days.
Three of my favorite things in May are Teacher Appreciation Week, gardening, and lilacs. During Teacher Appreciation Week a few years ago this woman showed up at my gate one day while I was gardening with this statue. It was a gift so perfect for a gardening reader. This week again teachers are being honored during our special appreciation week. I had a co-worker deliver a bouquet of flowers for my desk this morning to start this special week. Thank you signs hung around the teacher lounge and doughnuts were waiting at break.

Arriving home today I placed Reading Girl in a prominent place in the garden. It was only fitting to place her in front of the lilacs. In May there is nothing more nostalgic than the sweet fragrance and beautiful color of lilacs. Lilacs are Grandma's house on Bridgeport Avenue, my childhood backyard, marching in the Torchlight Parade during the Lilac Festival in Spokane, and bringing starts from Mom's lilac bushes to start my own here. Three passions are represented in the picture above: gardening, reading, and lilacs. Today the lilacs were also open and ready to be brought inside in a vase. Happy Monday!


  1. You have been tagged to participate in a meme. See my blog for details. Thanks!

  2. Maybe it's the scraggy lilacs in Eugene that have prevented me from ever feeling at home here. I can practically smell the ones you pictured. Did the snowball bush in Grandma's yard have a scent? I always thinks of those snowballs when I think of E. Bridgeport.

  3. Lilacs remind me of Pinehurst, as my parents had lilacs in the yard when we were growing up. Dad still has them, but I rarely get their when they are blooming. The bushes bloom later here, but the smell always takes me back. Lilac festival. . .and isn't Spokane "The City of Lilacs"?
    Like RP, I can smell your lilacs - just from the picture.

  4. Sorry - just saw a grammatical error in my post, said "their" instead of "there". Oops!

  5. RP- The snowball has a slight scent. Nothing like the lilac. I have one in my yard so I will report when it blooms. My "snowballs" have never gotton as big as Grandma's did.
    pimd- yes, Spokane is the Lilac City- and deservingly so. I hope Mom's are in bloom when I visit Saturday.

  6. Lovely post --- and your lilacs are beautiful. Mine are all done :(

    I enjoy reading ALOT and think you would like the book I'm currently reading. It's called Susannah's Garden by Debbie Macomber. The setting? Colville, WA with reference to Kettle Falls. It has reference to many local points I think you would recognize. Great book.

    :) LaTeaDah

  7. You and I share the same Lilac Lore :) The snowballs are hydrangeas and have no scent. Hydrangea arriculata?

    My son walks to school along the Thames River each morning. He says that he's homesick these days because it smells like home in London. He's narrowed it down to either lavendar or lilacs. I told him the lavendar won't bloom for two months. :) And I sent him to look up what The Bard had to say about lilacs, in as much as he lives around the corner from his new/old theatre. There's new/old lore being written about the lilacs and everything in our garden everyday....

  8. La tea dah- I have read that book and it was fun to see her references to Colville. She did a book reading here, but I didn't go. I did drive around the neighborhood though and tried to figure out which house she referred to.
    jbelle- the only thing I don't like about lilacs is that they have to leave. :(
    Thanks all for the comments!

  9. Fortunately, Vince and Jill grow lilacs along the fence connecting our backyards. They haven't quite bloomed yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kellogg has lilacs by the time you get here this weekend. I can't wait to show you all the beautiful things popping up in my garden.

  10. bummer. I have been called on the carpet by Dr. Raymond Pert, who informs me that his concordance definitely notes that Shakespeare never, ever, ever wrote about lilacs. NOt only that, Dr. Pert sternly admonished me that Shakespeare did not think about lilacs, was not interested in lilacs, could not have cared any less about lilacs. I am so sorry! Gotta get back in my cage before he discovers I'm up. (scurrying off)

  11. OMG!!!!!! I just realized we DO have lilac bushes in our backyard...I thought I had to share with the neighbors, but I have my own lol lol lol lol lol The Princess is sitting here reading my comment and laughing...she thinks her mom sucks at internet lingo.

  12. JBelle-That Raymond Pert...who else on the face of the earth would know that Shakespear never talked about lilacs? What's up with that?
    SVG: tell my darling niece the princess she can give me some lingo 101 when I see her this week-end!!! AFAIK I will see her. DQMOT, but it sounds like you can join me. EOM EG CUL GMTA GD&R!!


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