Ten Mile Road Trip #3: Field Trip With Mom

My mom is visiting us here at Lake Roosevelt. I left my students in good hands today with their favorite sub and took a day off to spend with her. We started the day lounging and drinking coffee while catching up on news,weather,comments on the blog, and coupon cutting.
Later in the morning we departed for our ten mile (actually longer) road trip to Kettle Falls and Colville. We found some healthy plants at the Flour Mill feed store We were very tempted by the cute free kittens, but kept walking out with our plants.
JEJ and I discovered this restaurant in the fall in Colville. I wanted to take Mom here for lunch. The Courthouse Cafe is across from the Steven's County Courthouse and is a lovely place for espresso, baked goods, breakfast, and lunch. We enjoyed a hearty lunch and got some fresh baked cookies to go.

Next we were in search of a Rose of Sharon for Mom and a trumpet vine for me. Wynne Street Nursery has an incredible collection of perennials, blooming shrubs, and just about everything else these two gardeners would want. We both found exactly what we needed. We gathered our purchases together when we returned home for a picture.Our field trip was over. Between full tummies, the heat we weren't used to, and our search for the perfect plants we were worn out when we returned home. Rest time was in order before any thoughts of dinner. Annie was ready to join us!


  1. Sounds like a terrific day. Would you consider me a selfish buffoon if I said I'm a little bit envious!!

    Looks like the weather was gorgeous..that's what you need for a ten mile field trip.

  2. As Mom is heading to bed she said to quit calling yourself a selfish buffoon!!! You can just be envious. All the coupons are clipped and organized and Law and Order is over so she called it a night. LOL

  3. It's so fun to get an up to date account with pictures from your day today. What a great outing for you two to enjoy together. Oh, and PKR retrieved JEJ glove before garbage day. WHEW!!

    What are we going to do about that selfish buffoon of a brother we have...maybe we'll let him come visit us Memorial Day weekend so he can join in some of the fun and tell him to leave those "green eyes of envy" in Eugene. LOL!!!

  4. I agree... the " green eyes" need to stay in Eugene. How many road trips and field trips can we cram into our family gathering Memorial Day? I will begin mapping out our schedule!!! LOL .Actually what all of you would probably love is a week-end of retreat. I think we can manage that on Lake Roosevelt also!

  5. I don't have time to be your mentor! I have 8 people here in a 2 bedroom house! Imagine my cleanliness distress...with your mom visiting, maybe, if you're not too tired from your plant shopping, she could pull the fridge out and wipe behind it for you...LOL
    I LOVE rose of sharon, it's the one plant I miss from our old house! Loving the lilacs here though! Love your pick of them on the right.

  6. What a great sounding day!
    I am sure it made you feel so refreshed.
    How could you resist free kittens? :)

  7. Hi Tori,
    The only way is that I had six cats waiting at home. I still want it though!


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