Sweet, Simple Things of Life

" It is the sweet, simple things of life
which are the real ones after all."
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Here are some sweet, simple things in my life today:
a columbine with exquisite color

irises blooming along the picket fence
the bridal wreath spirea bending toward the light a lovely contrast between the flower and the leaf

honeysuckles full of beauty


  1. The columbine is exquisite.

  2. *sigh* Beautiful! How do you keep bugs from eating your flowers? Whatever I do, bugs seem to ruin mine.

  3. ordinary jane- funny you should mention that. Right after we took pictures we started seeing aphid on a shrub. We pinch them off when we can.

  4. The Pacific Northwest is truly God's country. Thanks for sharing all this beauty!

  5. I LOVE acquiliges or however we spill them lol

    and I love your photos


  6. how are oyur irises in bloom alerady. that isa beautiful columbnine. we have blue ones.

  7. thanks to all of you for appreciating the beauty of northeastern Washington!
    acs: we are in a mild "banana belt" here on Lake Roosevelt. Longer growing season than Moscow. These irises get lots of morning sun. The rest aren't blooming.


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