Spring Bouquet #8 and #9 and Tips for Prolonging the Life of Garden Flowers

This first bouquet is held in a beautiful window vase I received from a friend for Christmas. The silhouette of the bouquet sets off the clear aqua color of the vase.

The combination of spring flowers always makes for an exquisite bouquet in color and scent. With this combination of iris, dame's rockets, columbine, and cat mint you have the best of both color and scent.

I love having cut flowers for my own home, but I 've also sold them at farmer's market and provided bouquets for church, a friend's bed and breakfast, and casual celebrations. People often ask how I prolong the life of flowers from the garden. Part of it always depends on how mature the blooms are when they get to the bouquet. It is best to pick flowers when the bloom has just opened. This is easier said than done. If there is a beautiful rose in bloom I will add it to a bouquet even if it is mature. It just won't last as long.

Actually there is a debate on whether it is better to pick flowers in the morning or evening. The flowers will be less likely to wilt if cut in the morning. The evening is better for me. The plants have been photosynthesizing all day, the stems contain more carbs, which makes them last longer. It is best to wait until the air has cooled.
When you get the flowers inside fill a vase halfway with tepid water. Cut 1 inch from the stems and strip any foliage that will be underwater. Put the cut flowers immediately in water. To prolong vase life you can use this homemade flower preservative:
To 24 oz. of water, add 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, and one crushed aspirin tablet. Change water as needed.
I think a bouquet of fresh flowers can bring the garden in to any room in the house. Even if I only have a few flowers blooming I get creative and look for interesting herb leaves, branches of shrubs, and tree leaves to add to a bouquet. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Beautiful Bouquets - Great information. Took the flower test. I'm a snapdragon - but didn't post it on my site.

  2. It is a fun little test...what it means... who knows. I am anxiously waiting for the roses to bloom.

  3. I've heard of the sugar, but not any of the other tips! Thanks for sharing your secrets!


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