Spring Bouquet #6: Lilac Time at Mom's

This is for you Raymond Pert.

Today I was able to enjoy a bouquet of lilacs at my Mom's house. The vase is a special gift she received from my brother Raymond Pert. He painted the beautiful design on it. Below gives you an idea of why lilacs were such an important part of my childhood. This is the back fence of Mom's yard in Kellogg in the morning light with the now green hills in the background. You can just smell the wonderful scent.


  1. Wow! Thanks. Gives me that aching feeling to be in the backyard at Mom's and be able to join you all for Mother's Day. Instead, I'm working on my sibling assignment..

  2. The lilacs just began to bloom here in IF. My husband and I were walking the dog the other day, and I had to stop and smell the lilacs. Ahhh. . .

    Looks like Pert's vase was made for lilacs - they go so well together!


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